Saturday, December 1, 2012

Will we ever win war on cancer?

Mankind is being haunted by cancer and that remained largely incurable. People when they hear word “cancer” they become frightened and all their hopes fade away.

 It’s been more than 40 Forty years, man landed on the moon for the first time. Being so advanced, even after four decades, we couldn’t find a cure for cancer. Huge amount of money  is been spent across the globe on the so-called War on Cancer. Yet people watch friends and family die of cancer and the treatment available for cancer is just painful and toxic.

It is an embarrassment to the medical profession for not finding a way to cure the cancer at this time, with huge advancement in technology. We are anxious about the life on Mars but why are we so negligent about the lives on earth? This is where we belong and live..

Why there is no cure/ medicine to fight against cancer? Is medical profession using cancer as cash cow or the medicine is been controlled reaching people by big pharmaceutical companies that want to sustain? or is it  suppressed by special interest groups? or we are not so able to unveil nature secret? Whatever the reason could be, it is mere negligence of medical research for not able to give solutions to the burning issue. 

May be biologically, Cancer is the most deadly disease which is nearly impossible to cure, but every question has a solution. This medical industry understands the pain and suffering of the person & his family and provides best solution for survival . I hope it won't trade on bad health.

I hope one day in near future at least we could pave the way to turn cancer in to a manageable disease.

I want us to win war on cancer, yes I am selfish here, I want to save my beloved.