Monday, April 7, 2014

Life doesn't have to be perfect!!

Disclaimer: This is not an interesting post, it is just a scribble; No gyan is guaranteed after reading the post. If you wish to kill some time, please go ahead 

Just wondering how many times we might have run behind something which we think is everything. There are many things in life, you want them, but you can never get them. For some things you have substitutes but for some you can’t. Even substitutes may make you feel BETTER but not the SAME.

Sometimes you meet someone and you know it is not going to be a perfect relation; you get into a job which is not perfect for you, at times you dress imperfect etc... There could be many things which are incompatible to you. But for some odd reason you want to give it a try for hell of it.

From a year, my life was not going in the way I imagined; I plan something and some other thing gets implemented. All through mixed emotions overruled me; I just sit and wonder how??What?? Why? All I know is new life waits for me but I am stuck, something is resisting me and holding me back. One day I broke the stillness; it was ME who was holding everything.

It may sound strange, but I was the one, who is not able to appreciate what’s in front of me, I realized it’s more important to measure good things what you actually have in your life. Just count your blessings is the mantra to be happy. 

When we fail, we get disappointed but we are going learn and they make us confident and strong. That’s how an individual grows and evolves. So at the end that is what matters most.

Now I realize about being perfect, may or may not exist. I think imperfect is the one for me, just like the imperfection in us. Its okay life doesn’t have to be perfect, it just have to be lived.

I have accepted that happiness is not in being perfect, Happiness is not about having what you want but wanting what you have.

we all feel screwed up sometimes, but that's okay.Be happy and enjoy each and every moment in life, Never have regrets, everything happens for a reason. Don’t hold on grudges, karma will take care.

Be loyal and committed in relationships, don’t let the insecurities and ego ruin whole of it. Never leave your passion; at the end it brings you recognition.

Importantly, Age is for your body, it’s not for your heart and mind.. So never worry that your are getting old.

P.S : This post is written from mobile, bear with any typos

P.S.S.: I took break from work, it is so awesome to have time for myself