Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Miss You...

"Taslima", no she was not just another girl; she was different and was definitely not like some of my boring friends. She was a stress buster for me and for anyone. She is someone with whom you would like to share all your jokes because she makes you realize their worth. She was very good at heart & it’s very rare to find people like that who give importance to others more than themselves. She always tells me the facts of life and boosts my confidence and made me bold to face the world. She was a big critic to me. 

Taslima was my best friend in my school days. We were together from the year 1996 to 2002. We have spent many days together and all are memorable. I still remember her debate with our Maths teacher and finally she won in proving "0=1" which no one can deny in the entire town and her crazy acts like putting ink on our Telugu teacher kurta, irritating our social sir, hitting smone on road with eggs n tomatoes, slapping a guy in his class etc. She is full of life. 

In 2001 I moved to Hyderabad for my studies and she joined in B.Sc at Anantapur. Monthly / 45 days once I visit Anantapur that is when I meet her. She loves chocolates I carry many for her. We use to exchange letters very frequently (as Emails were not so popular that time). It was fun writing  letters. As every time I do, in March 2002, I went and met her at her home. She was writing her B.Sc final exams. She was normal and we exchanged casual conversation and the same day I left to Hyderabad. After two days I read in news paper that she and her sister committed suicide and she is no more. I was shocked completely and could not believe it at all. This news shattered me and I was completely lost myself for some time. But still I had a little hope that it was not her. I rushed to a telephone booth and called my mother and found that it’s her. I was deeply hurt and even after 8 years still now I find difficult to come out of it. After a week I went to Anantapur and I didn’t have courage to visit her house. With deep grief I went and spoke to her family who were waiting to meet me, so that they can get a clue for her this act (for which I too don’t have an answer) 

"Taslima" You were special and remains special in my life forever. Though she is not around me, I have her memories and the confidence which she gave me to face the world. I pray god wherever she is, she should be happy. But I will never forgive her for this stupid deed. 

I Miss You Taslima :((

I want to pass a message to all, please remember there are times you feel u have no one in ur life, no one cares for you and everything seems to be wrong or not working out. Remember whatever the situation is, it changes with time and nothing is permanent. You never know how many people love you, need you and care for you. Problem is the absence of an idea, not absence of a solution, talk to friends, dear ones & get a solution or relief for your problems. Please so say “A BIG No to suicides” don’t leave your loved ones in grief. 

This life to live ..not to end abruptly. 

"Without crossing of worst situations, no one can touch the best corners of life".

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Life has to Move on...

Work pressure!
Frustrating telephone calls!
Stress from boss!
Zero Bank Balance!
Fight with loved one!
Misunderstanding with a close pal!
Yearly Appraisal!
No work @ office..
Worry abt Professional Growth.
Love failure!
Where am I heading?
No time for myself..

Yes all these questions/phrases we hear in our day to day life...

These all  drive us crazy when we see that the effort we have put in has not accomplished anything by end of the day. Its sad to know that our hard work is not recognized. its crazy when confused "where am I heading? we feel sick when we think "what is purpose of my life? & Do I really matter to anyone in life?"  For no reason we are happy and for no reason we are sad. we feel we have everything and at the same time  Miss something in the corner of  heart. Sometimes everything seems to be wrong.

But still life has to move on...
                                  Coz God has made us for some purpose. 
                                                                                  We have to accomplish tht task... 

In spite of all these.. We bag awesome moments in our life with family, friends and relatives. What we see and feel depends on the way we look at it. Situations may not be changed but we can change  the way we look at them with our beautiful mind.

Don't think everyday is just another day, its another auspicious day - coz any day which gives us opportunity to do new things and see the world again and a chance to complete yesterday incomplete works and plan for future works . isn't auspicious? yes it is!!

So, Life has to move on... 

Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.. set them right.. Have Fun


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Its  Tuesday , 3.45 PM.... No work at office, no frens online, nothg interesting to do .... All these are  making me  sick and boring.. so then thought let me glance through my old pics..yepp!! It was a wonderful  to recollect the old moments spent and  was cherishing those times spent with my best pals, those crazy n funny days in fact some are foolish tooo :P.. Its true we do not remember the days, we remember moments.

I am just thinking.. how somethings never leave corner of  your  heart ? Like....

Time spent with loved ones
Our smiles & tears shared
First day at college
Long Night chats
Mid Night calls
Early Morning Walks
Unaware pictures captured
Good byes to ur old pals

When u think abt old things, they  are beautiful,
Some bring smile on ur face
Some leave tears in ur eyes.

Memories are the images that linger deep inside the mind, bring happiness when cherished. All through my life there are ppl  who changed by time, some for better, some remain, some gone. These ppl are part of my life with whom I treasure the tears & laughter.

" Dear Frens, May we find  us gone in our separate ways, But still we have these moments to remember..."


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Walk on Clouds!

Hi All,

This is my First Blog Post ..Though I am not a writer, I wish  to pen down my thoughts , because I believe that the best way to become acquainted with Thoughts and  Experiences  is to write about them. Words , once they are printed , have  a life of their own.

I was thinking for a while "What can be my first blog post all about?" Many things were running in my mind.. but finally I decided to write on my trip to Skandagiri. and I like to call this post as "Walk on Clouds" 

Here it goes...

My fren: Hey you know i got a mail from one of my fren..which describes abt a place called Skandagiri and one should enjoy the sunrise being there..

Me: Ya even i heard abt shall trek in the midnight ..reach there before sunrise and watch sunrise..trek back.. sounds Kewl ... haaa!! ..

We made a effort to pull our frens n  planned our trek.. a team of 8  were planned to visit Skandagiri but finally 7 ppl turned up.

We all meet at 12.00 am  and drove towards Skandagiri. I was meeting all of the them for the first time except vijitha who is my room mate.But within no time I cud start conversation with them as if i know them right from the start.

Skandagiri is 60 km from Bangalore and is located along the same range as Nadhi Hills. To reach Skandagiri , drive from Bangalore to Chikballapur on NH 7 and turn left and drive for another 5 km.The trek begins from a small temple called papagni matha located at Kalwarhalli village.

The trek to the peak is slightly steep and it takes two to three hours to get on to the top.Three hours trek was so nice but it was pitch dark, n we were not carrying torches. But some how we managed with our mobile phones.

I was feeling very close to nature away from busy traffic, pollution, routine etc etc. It was so damn chill and I was freezing, but still I loved tht journey through clouds.After walking for some time, I was not able to see the path leading and just turned back, that is whn I realized there is no one near me, I called up all the names.. but no one around all that i could see and feel is cloudy skym waves of clouds touching you, greenlush, echo of your voice, Fog covering your path...

I just sat on a rock and was just enjoying my loneliness.. talking to my inner-self. I cud see two ppl kmg , they guided me to the top and I cud meet my frens. After reaching top, the chill of the wind hardly allowed us to open our mouth, it was bitter cold.. the entire view was covered with clouds, it just looks like a spread of cotton on the earth surface. We picked our cams and captured the beauty of nature.Every one looked so fresh. All this magic lasted for an 1 hr, slowly the fog got cleared and we cud see the bright sun.

After getting tired of taking photographs, we decided to have our breakfast which is been sold in a small hut on the top, they sell Maagi and Bread-Omlet yes its true!!!.. these little chunks made us feel little better and then we made our way back..

Trekking to Skandagiri was a big break for me from the daily choas it was very refreshing !! :-)


Note: Don't travel without the map and torches. Be careful with the thieves and do take a guide . A group of 4- 5 is pretty cool to trek rather a couple or huge group. It is advisable to carry sm food and water.


P.S: My blog is all about  things worth reading or  things worth writing.