Thursday, August 30, 2012

To the "Aunt of 21st Century"

Every family member is unique in their own way. I come from a big family where my mother has dozens of cousins, and all my aunts are my close friends in the family. I talk and share a lot with them more than my cousins. Every aunt plays a unique role in my life. One supports my naughtiness, one gives me strength in my failures, and other helps out to escape from unwanted things. Aunts usually are very important part of our lives. They are the ones who always be there to listen to me.

In this lot, I am blessed with a wonderful aunt (i.e my Peddamma - my mom’s elder sister), she is a brilliant lady, known for her style in the family, a lady with fine charm and intelligence. Though she is 63 years old, her heart and brain is always young. She is brave woman with kind heart and shows pure love on all of us. She has broad thinking, brilliant in facing & assessing  life situations.She is only aunt who can make skype call in our family. 
Today I regret for not having her with us :(

I opened my eyes, wiping my tears, 
Looking at the stars, 
A voice from sky said
“Her work on Earth is done.”
Dear Pedamma,


Our sit outs in your lawn and

All our long talks, about your childhood memories

Naughty stories of all mamas childhood

Tiring shopping days

That home facials and pedicure sessions

That long days we spent looking at old photographs and your silk saris

Small scary rides of us on kinetic Honda

Playing dumb charades,movies at Club

Long hours at beauty parlours

That Fear of sharing my secrets

Gossips we share

Homemade panner, milk shakes and special burji made by you.

I regret that I didn’t get the chance to say my last good-bye.I didn’t think you could ever leave us so early. I hope this pain would disappear.
I know that you are at eternal home with god; he wanted you back. At this time you may be standing at golden gates of heaven and looking down on us. Probably you may be angry on us for crying, we shouldn’t be crying because this is not how you would want it to be.

It has hurt all of us when you left that day and our hearts became sore. But I promise, we try hard and will become strong and get through this and make you proud of us

We will hold all the memories deep in our hearts. You will always be remembered every single day. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Do we need a Role model?

In walk of our lives, we meet many people, learn many things from many. Sometimes many inspire us to achieve certain goals and few remain as our role models in life. 

Here, what triggered in my mind is “Do we need a Role Model?” someone has yearned for some goals and achieved it with his level of problems and solutions which he has applied. If so, why should one follow role model, isn’t it like following someone else dreams and trying to achieve them .

Are we not restricting our self wanting to be like someone? closing our self and just seeing role model goal as ours? 

Don't just dream that wasn’t yours, Thinking that it would bring  the happiness as it brought to others.

So what do you say?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Take care of yourself...

I feel things are going too fast and I have to try hard to pull time to breath. The other night, I was thinking that, I have reached mid of the year, when I look back I don't remember how the days passed, weekdays go in working at office and weekends with the other core works.Life is busy and it always pulls me in million directions.

I see many young people who are raising their families at younger age with huge responsibilities, probably they never find time to take care of themselves.All their energies go in to helping and taking care of families & other things. I hear from many about their feelings of helplessness to dedicate some amount of time for themselves. Most of the active day goes in  working, few more hours in family cores. They get irritated with the ups and downsin life and lose all control.
I'm wondering how people deal and  How is everyone else doing?

Still the question triggering in  my mind is "Is it bad to be selfish and take care of oneself ?"  to me it is not, one must take care of themselves to help others. Pull out time for yourself, do something which makes you happy. You can rejuvenate and can be more effective & efficient in handling your families & your life.

That is what I feel? what is your opinion?