Saturday, January 7, 2012

No title post


Me: Sitting at my desk, starring at the monitor with tears in eyes, worrying about the piles of tasks I have to complete for today but still waiting when the day will end.

What I am busy with? Sneezing, coughing and in wiping my nose

Around me: People running busily here and there, Few people discussing never ending stupid points loudly, few are giggling loudly Weird ringtones, tuck.. Tuck.. Key board sounds.

What I feel: so sick and in bad mood, getting irritated for all the petty things. May be coz of cold, fever and headache I feel I am exhausting myself .I am just going blank with this mind-numbing headache.

If so why blog?? : I know you will ask me this, but I am sorry I don’t hv a reason, by the way do I need to give you reason? :P

It’s so weird though I am sick.. Hmm I am missing my vicks inhaler.. Ahhhhhh!! This is just a lazy and sick day. I am just dreaming of bed in my room how nice it would be if I crawl into my warm blanket and catch so good sleep.. Well that would be an awesome idea, let me take off from work 
P.S: I am wondering today, though i have fever i came to office to meet deadlines.. Is so damn important in life?? :(

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why only woman are to be blamed for rape?

It looks completely weird to me when I read what Karnataka's Women & Child Welfare minister C. C. Patil quoted saying that women should “know how much skin they should cover” and the similar opinion which was expressed 3 days ago by Andhra Pradesh DGP Dinesh Reddy who blamed women fashionable clothing is cause for the rise in rape cases.

Well let me take their point, if woman are the sole reason for rise in rape due to their revealing clothing, then

  1. Why are kids/under aged girls getting raped or molested, do you think they have something to seduce men???
  2. Why are fathers raping their daughters?
  3. Why are students being molested by teachers in villages?
  4. If your mother or sister looks sexy, do you try to rape them? Or you think of morals?
  5. Can any man guarantee me no rape if a woman is covered completely?
  6. What is the reason for rapes in small towns and villages where people don’t wear western wear at all?
  7. What is your answer for the 23 year old Soumya who was raped in train while travelling to kochi...??? (FYI she was wearing salwar)
  8. And one more question which is sexier and revealing “saree” or a “T-shirt & jeans”??

People don’t just blame women for rape, there are couple of other reasons too, one being important is the poor & corrupted law, and our law takes 15 years to punish one rapist. Then who has to be blamed here?

Why the hell no one says men to control their emotions?

Men too wear their low hip jeans showing their ass cleavage and hairy chests, if a woman is trying to provoke you then what are you trying to do?

People for god sake grow up!!!

Stop being judgmental, rather have some morals in life.

One last question, if your mother, wife or sister get raped due to her revealing clothes, do you leave the criminal saying that was your woman fault?? Or you stand by them for justice?

100% no you fight against the criminal to get the justice for your woman...

So be nice to other woman too they too belong to some family. 
P.S: People this my view /opinion i don't compel anyone to agree with me..

Monday, January 2, 2012

Thank You "2011"

Dear 2011,

My journey in 2011 had Exciting highs, Depressing lows passing through plenty of peaks & troughs mixed with emotions in between.

There was good and bad, but I have learnt to accept and grow instead questioning “why it happens to me?” I know sometimes I cannot do anything about it. Thanks for making me strong.

You gave me new friends and new enemies, I thank you for posing some challenges before me and for making me wiser.

I believe there is reason for everything that happens in life, so here I go “I enjoy the Ride of Life”.

Thanks for teaching me many things and making me mature.

I here say Goodbye to you and welcome the New Year 2012

Miss you 2011 (not crazily) ;)

P.S: I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.. Have a Rocking Year Ahead...