Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Haircut Psychology of Girls

When you find some girl suddenly cut her hair to shoulder length/short bob, remember it may not be to get a beautiful new look but to subside her inside voices. Sometimes it’s the change to break out her mood and to cope up with tough times in her life. It may not be fair to generalize the situation, but being a girl I have strong gut to believe in it.

If you don’t believe, then read further..

“HAIR” is the most favourite feature of woman (off course the male gender too love women with long hair) which shows her femininity and enhances her beauty.
 It is one of the physical feature which links to female emotions.. that is why many times you hear about bad hair day stories..

Hair represents femininity and beauty, it is praised as a sexual, sensual, beautiful thing by men.

And now why girls cut their hair to balance the inner war??

It signifies the new start and a sign of moving on, new hairstyle fill women heart with feelings of fresh start.

It changes the feelings from inside; sad soul is lightened up with new appearance and heals the torn heart.

It demonstrates that she is beautiful even while in pain

It throws an option “you are no more in my life and I am getting rid of the thing you love”

Boosts confidence and helps to accept “change may not be all that bad after all”

It is sign of boldness and emotional kick to men

It shows the world that you changed your life and feels liberating

So when you find your wife/sister/friend/ GF doing this, make a point to talk to them. It is sign that something is really bothering them.

Don't ignore it. If you do,Its not just her hair you lose...

P.S: Google too helped me in writing  and getting a picture for this post