Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Idiots on the Road

Our Indian roads are the busiest roads, where ever we go, we see them filled with vehicles, people, hawkers, foot path shops etc etc. sometimes I feel, a large portion of population lives on road. 

It is not wonder, if I say its nightmare to drive on these roads. We blame government, other people for this congestion on roads, but I strongly believe it is not the number of vehicles, but it is the way we use our roads makes it more congested and driving is irritation. 

I have closely observed many people on the road; some of the attitudes of the people on the roads are not at all accepted by any civilized society. 

I would like to list out some traits of few people on roads. 

What they think
Honking batch
More irritating at the signals, use horn more than gear, impatient, illogical, selfish, have weird horns 
When they honk at signal Vehicles can fly and clear road for them (even the light shows red) 
Noisy one
Think they are alone, speak loud, discuss all personal things, have mobile always near their ears, use headphones when can’t hold mobile, gets into fight fast
Road is their house, no need to follow rules, can overcome any argument by shouting 
Busy people, starts late, but wants to reach destination in time, always drives as if they miss flight.
park vehicle where ever possible irrespective of creating congestion. 
One minute matters a lot to them.
if they are comfortable, they never think of others.
Risk taker
Drive fast even when road is busy, think they are good drivers & road is their racing track, nothing can put them down, always try to be an inch ahead of others 
We are born perfect  riders ,Can drive in air too
Slow driver
May be like me, who drives slow, not confident in driving, but still drives in the middle of the road, disturbing others, gets irritated whn someone says they are slow.
We are not in hurry, please you can over take me if you have any emergency
Spit batch
Spit anywhere any time, not even looking right left, up & down .
Throw banana skins, all waste from the windows
I don’t care once it is out of my mouth,
I want my car to be clean, why should i worry about the road

Have you all ever experienced this traits on roads?

P.S:   for god sake never honk in the signals and in traffic jams, it adds to the irritation
P.S.S:   please just look around before you spit 
P.S.S:   The post is written with my own experience,  i am not responsible for any hurt caused to you, i understand i have   right to say what i feel.