Saturday, December 1, 2012

Will we ever win war on cancer?

Mankind is being haunted by cancer and that remained largely incurable. People when they hear word “cancer” they become frightened and all their hopes fade away.

 It’s been more than 40 Forty years, man landed on the moon for the first time. Being so advanced, even after four decades, we couldn’t find a cure for cancer. Huge amount of money  is been spent across the globe on the so-called War on Cancer. Yet people watch friends and family die of cancer and the treatment available for cancer is just painful and toxic.

It is an embarrassment to the medical profession for not finding a way to cure the cancer at this time, with huge advancement in technology. We are anxious about the life on Mars but why are we so negligent about the lives on earth? This is where we belong and live..

Why there is no cure/ medicine to fight against cancer? Is medical profession using cancer as cash cow or the medicine is been controlled reaching people by big pharmaceutical companies that want to sustain? or is it  suppressed by special interest groups? or we are not so able to unveil nature secret? Whatever the reason could be, it is mere negligence of medical research for not able to give solutions to the burning issue. 

May be biologically, Cancer is the most deadly disease which is nearly impossible to cure, but every question has a solution. This medical industry understands the pain and suffering of the person & his family and provides best solution for survival . I hope it won't trade on bad health.

I hope one day in near future at least we could pave the way to turn cancer in to a manageable disease.

I want us to win war on cancer, yes I am selfish here, I want to save my beloved.

Monday, November 26, 2012

I am breaking my monotonous routine…

I live in multitasking mode, hurly burly my day starts
Pressure cooker on stove + keep warm-electric cooker+ coffee mug in hand+ checking mails +FB opening another tab+ Iron box gets heated up and that perfect time, phone rings, while I hang up the call, someone might have mentioned me in a tweet....!!

I start day on a busy note and head to work, and start a war with unread mails, unresolved issues, routine work…

Clock clicks 6 PM, I pack and head back to home thinking about pay cheques, Low battery phone, broken hearts, silent tears, unpaid bills..

I guess many of you might fall under this category.

I wonder, am I  really programmed to be so busy? Do I really live our life to the fullest? When I sit back to think about this, I don’t remember when I have listened to a good song (leaving apart the songs which I listen while driving) and a night falling asleep concentrating on my breathing. With these small pains, I drift away from the big plans, career goals and personal targets... I want to get back to my life and stay close with it..
You know now in my background Taylor Swift sings "But we are never ever ever ever getting back together"  isn't rude on her part? ;)
Anyways I dont worry about what taylor swift sings :P, I am changing the song from the  playlist and going ahead and see best i can make my routine interesting.
Well,  I can make it better by stopping multitasking, plan things in better way, have a hobby, not to over think etc etc. Well I know all these, but I lack in implementation, so now with good amount of determination i want to break the monotony of routine days .I made a to-do-list to help myself , here the activities I planned for self:
  • Go to bed early
  • Get up early in the morning
  • Do Breathing Exercises in the Morning
  • Join guitar classes
  • Continue my sketching hobby
  •  Lear to cook new dishes
  • Call an old friend atleast  twice in a week
  • Visit relatives on weekend
  • Stop nagging myself
  • Take care of health
As of now I have thought these many activities , I may add few more in course of time.. Leaving my routine apart, what have you thought to break monotony ?? please do share your ideas...

Love & Light

Monday, October 1, 2012

I am Indian, not a “South Indian “

I lived in many states for quite good time and moved around different states and met many people in the process. I get along with people very well irrespective of their culture & language. But when  people discriminate me saying "southie" i feel really bad. FYI, I am very glad to call myself “an Indian” rather someone calling me a “South Indian”.

I feel so weird when someone points me saying many things and refers me as “South Indian” or Golti”. Excuse me!! I would like to object here…

Firstly, know which all states belong to south India, it’s not just madras. Try to know geography. I can understand your confusion but I don’t tolerate your ignorance.

Yes we are brown & dark skinned, so what?? I guess you are aware of world famous south Indian beauties Vyjantimala, Rekha, Hema Malini, Sridevi, Aishwarya Rai and Vidya Balan. Etc. So, don't generalize and hate everyone.I didn't decide my color neither you.

Yes we eat lot more of rice items like idly, dosa etc and we are experts in eating with our hands even on leaf, There is nothing to feel ashamed of it, please don’t act as if you are born with spoons and forks.

Don’t think all south Indians cannot speak Hindi, off course we have difference in our slang, communication is important rather being numb. So stop pointing out our Hindi. I hope you understand that,we speak our language in  our state and not Hindi.Tell me do you expect people in USA communicate with you in Hindi?

We have our native language influence on English, so what?? even  people from many other states too have that. FYI we are the one who are communicating with world better than many of you.

Don't call us narrow minded & conservative, our thoughts depend on your actions.. be good and we will be good to you.

Don’t call all south Indian movies as D grade movies, some of the best life stories were from South India.

Every person has his/her own perception about the people, places, culture and habits. I/we have no rights to say it right or wrong. After all who are we to judge? But I understand everyone has a opinion.

Don't bring your personal preferences in  here and start discrimination in one aspect or the other. In this century, even country  boundaries are wiped out, why do we just lag behind discriminating each other culture and habits.

P.S: I am not racist at all and i have no discrimination towards anyone, but someone shows off their attitude, i won't spare them.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

To the "Aunt of 21st Century"

Every family member is unique in their own way. I come from a big family where my mother has dozens of cousins, and all my aunts are my close friends in the family. I talk and share a lot with them more than my cousins. Every aunt plays a unique role in my life. One supports my naughtiness, one gives me strength in my failures, and other helps out to escape from unwanted things. Aunts usually are very important part of our lives. They are the ones who always be there to listen to me.

In this lot, I am blessed with a wonderful aunt (i.e my Peddamma - my mom’s elder sister), she is a brilliant lady, known for her style in the family, a lady with fine charm and intelligence. Though she is 63 years old, her heart and brain is always young. She is brave woman with kind heart and shows pure love on all of us. She has broad thinking, brilliant in facing & assessing  life situations.She is only aunt who can make skype call in our family. 
Today I regret for not having her with us :(

I opened my eyes, wiping my tears, 
Looking at the stars, 
A voice from sky said
“Her work on Earth is done.”
Dear Pedamma,


Our sit outs in your lawn and

All our long talks, about your childhood memories

Naughty stories of all mamas childhood

Tiring shopping days

That home facials and pedicure sessions

That long days we spent looking at old photographs and your silk saris

Small scary rides of us on kinetic Honda

Playing dumb charades,movies at Club

Long hours at beauty parlours

That Fear of sharing my secrets

Gossips we share

Homemade panner, milk shakes and special burji made by you.

I regret that I didn’t get the chance to say my last good-bye.I didn’t think you could ever leave us so early. I hope this pain would disappear.
I know that you are at eternal home with god; he wanted you back. At this time you may be standing at golden gates of heaven and looking down on us. Probably you may be angry on us for crying, we shouldn’t be crying because this is not how you would want it to be.

It has hurt all of us when you left that day and our hearts became sore. But I promise, we try hard and will become strong and get through this and make you proud of us

We will hold all the memories deep in our hearts. You will always be remembered every single day. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Do we need a Role model?

In walk of our lives, we meet many people, learn many things from many. Sometimes many inspire us to achieve certain goals and few remain as our role models in life. 

Here, what triggered in my mind is “Do we need a Role Model?” someone has yearned for some goals and achieved it with his level of problems and solutions which he has applied. If so, why should one follow role model, isn’t it like following someone else dreams and trying to achieve them .

Are we not restricting our self wanting to be like someone? closing our self and just seeing role model goal as ours? 

Don't just dream that wasn’t yours, Thinking that it would bring  the happiness as it brought to others.

So what do you say?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Take care of yourself...

I feel things are going too fast and I have to try hard to pull time to breath. The other night, I was thinking that, I have reached mid of the year, when I look back I don't remember how the days passed, weekdays go in working at office and weekends with the other core works.Life is busy and it always pulls me in million directions.

I see many young people who are raising their families at younger age with huge responsibilities, probably they never find time to take care of themselves.All their energies go in to helping and taking care of families & other things. I hear from many about their feelings of helplessness to dedicate some amount of time for themselves. Most of the active day goes in  working, few more hours in family cores. They get irritated with the ups and downsin life and lose all control.
I'm wondering how people deal and  How is everyone else doing?

Still the question triggering in  my mind is "Is it bad to be selfish and take care of oneself ?"  to me it is not, one must take care of themselves to help others. Pull out time for yourself, do something which makes you happy. You can rejuvenate and can be more effective & efficient in handling your families & your life.

That is what I feel? what is your opinion?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

So, you are not a S/W engineer?

Dialling a number….

Tring tring tring….

Me: Hi

He: hello

Me: I saw your advertisement on the club membership. I would like to know the details as I wish to join for TT on weekend

He: sure madam, membership costs you Rs. 1500 and every month its Rs. 300 and we have trainers too

Me: Oh that is so nice; let me know the formalities, so that I can drop in to your office today evening

He: where do you work?

Me: a Civil engineering company

He: what is ur designation

Me: Urban Planner

He: Oh you are not a software engineer. Sorry madam, this club gives membership to S/w Engineers from MNCs

Me: WTF??(To self)

Me: I asked why?

He: Security & affordability madam and people here are all s/w engineers...

Me: Thank you, better u mention this in your Add to save our time

What do you think about this? I have met many half knowledge people, who think S/w engineering is the only industry that exists. Come on, there are much better ones too exist. If not how other services are being done to the citizens. The wrong impression they have on other industries is disgusting….people think that s/w engineers are the only ones who earn a lot than any one...

 I hope these kind of people will grow up and think about this...

Saturday, June 30, 2012

What if there were no men in the World????

In middle of some discussion , someone told according to 2011 census sex ratio is  940 females per 1000 males... My mind was completely  heated up because of  prolonged discussions... when I heard of sex ratio concept I was wondering what if men doesn't exist in this world?

Just imagine, how it would be if God has not created man for woman.... Holy shit.... Think! Think..

It scares me, Imagine living whole life with women.. Grrrrrr.. same old lipsticks, shinny gloss, rose perfumes, pinks & red everywhere, floral printed fabrics, Unlimited gossips... Its pathetic .. 

I seriously wonder if men doesn't exist, then Who will praise us when we dress nicely? who will flirt with us, Who will say its okay baby when we are sick, who will hold our hand in the evening for a romantic walk?who will scold us saying "you dumbo"? who will hold our shopping bags, who will take us everywhere on their bike? How can we use credit card without repaying ? who will makes us feel secure in their Hug?  Phewww.... Ufff.. on and so on...

Coming to the biological threats, can we become mothers?? Well do we introduce any new technology for producing babies?  if so, who it would be?

Ahhh!! the world looks so Dull and Sick without men...

Thats what I feel.. what do you all have to say about this??

I appreciate God for creating men  in this world & I Thank him for that :P  ...


1. Term "WE" Refers to Girls &  ladies
2. Office on weekends make u feel sick and u turn out to be foolishly intelligent... this post says it   out.. Ahh I have to kill another 30  min more here :(
3. I am happy that i have put on 2 kgs weight.. Irrelevant to many of you, but still recording it on my Blog TL..

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Beautiful Morning

I promised my friend that we both will get up early and go for a cup of coffee in the morning. But this awesome weather didn't allowed me to realize that the sun is already out there. I opened my eyes, searched for mobile and sent a text  saying "sorry", he replied “that’s fine dear, catch some more sleep”. 

I got up looked out of the window, chill breeze touched my face, felt what a beautiful morning, I sat in balcony with a cup of coffee, listening to my fav songs, watching the flock of pigeons... 

The morning was bright, after a very long hot summer, Hyderabad is having such an awesome weather. I felt to break the routine, but cannot bunk office. 

I felt positive vibrations around me, I thought, I need this harmony throughout the day, 

      So Just for Today ...

  • I will be happy and smile at everyone. 
  • I will try to accept what I am 
  • I will call an old friend and say “Hi” 
  • I will say sorry for someone whom I have hurt in past 
  • I will help someone who is in need 
  • I will be thankful to god & say a thanks prayer 
  • I will not let anything upset me. 
  • I will enjoy the traffic. 
  • I will do my work honestly 
  • I will not allow negative thoughts 
  • I will not spend too much money. 
  • I will learn a something new. 
  • I will keep faith in the god’s plans and accept what life brings.

Love & Light to All...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teach People How to Treat You

Many times I feel why I have allowed someone to treat me that way? Why am I letting it happen that way and be tolerant? 

Just like me I guess many people do think, I heard people saying that “people use me, take advantage of me”, they are taken for granted and get hurt from the other person easily. 

While thinking of this I was wondering if I am complaining about this all the time, there must be something wrong with me. May be I have not taught the other person, how to treat me. 

The problem with me is I am very good at tolerating people for no reason and can’t be rude. Well in return what am I getting? I am sure I deserve to be treated with the same respect as what I give to others. I should define boundaries; it is me who can draw a line to determine how close I can be with a person to maintain a decent relationship. 

So I think I shall be clever and teach the other person, how to treat me from the beginning  so that things won’t go wrong later. 

Bottom line is one must treat themselves as if they are wonderful and shall not allow others to walk on you. Be good to yourself, because if you feel good about yourself then other people will treat you with respect. 

It’s we who teach people how to treat us!

P.S: Today morning,I got up early, was just enjoying nature sipping a cup of coffee in the balcony, a weird random thought/feeling  flashed my mind and this post took birth from there. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Idiots on the Road

Our Indian roads are the busiest roads, where ever we go, we see them filled with vehicles, people, hawkers, foot path shops etc etc. sometimes I feel, a large portion of population lives on road. 

It is not wonder, if I say its nightmare to drive on these roads. We blame government, other people for this congestion on roads, but I strongly believe it is not the number of vehicles, but it is the way we use our roads makes it more congested and driving is irritation. 

I have closely observed many people on the road; some of the attitudes of the people on the roads are not at all accepted by any civilized society. 

I would like to list out some traits of few people on roads. 

What they think
Honking batch
More irritating at the signals, use horn more than gear, impatient, illogical, selfish, have weird horns 
When they honk at signal Vehicles can fly and clear road for them (even the light shows red) 
Noisy one
Think they are alone, speak loud, discuss all personal things, have mobile always near their ears, use headphones when can’t hold mobile, gets into fight fast
Road is their house, no need to follow rules, can overcome any argument by shouting 
Busy people, starts late, but wants to reach destination in time, always drives as if they miss flight.
park vehicle where ever possible irrespective of creating congestion. 
One minute matters a lot to them.
if they are comfortable, they never think of others.
Risk taker
Drive fast even when road is busy, think they are good drivers & road is their racing track, nothing can put them down, always try to be an inch ahead of others 
We are born perfect  riders ,Can drive in air too
Slow driver
May be like me, who drives slow, not confident in driving, but still drives in the middle of the road, disturbing others, gets irritated whn someone says they are slow.
We are not in hurry, please you can over take me if you have any emergency
Spit batch
Spit anywhere any time, not even looking right left, up & down .
Throw banana skins, all waste from the windows
I don’t care once it is out of my mouth,
I want my car to be clean, why should i worry about the road

Have you all ever experienced this traits on roads?

P.S:   for god sake never honk in the signals and in traffic jams, it adds to the irritation
P.S.S:   please just look around before you spit 
P.S.S:   The post is written with my own experience,  i am not responsible for any hurt caused to you, i understand i have   right to say what i feel.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Fear, Fear ! "Fear" Fear? Fear.

Fear of change 
Fear of failure 
Fear of losing 
Fear of falling 
Fear of dark 
Fear of loneliness 
Fear of death 
Fear of poverty 
Fear of insecurity 
Fear of hurt 
Fear of rejection 
Fear of flaws 
Fear to quit 
Fear of choices 
                       The list goes On and on… 

Many of us fail to fulfil our dreams as we are living with fears. Every one of has some kind of fear in them, but not all the fears dictate every one. Some people learn to accept and cope up with fear and other tends to hold on them throughout their life and never take a chance to drop the fear. 

Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., 

Fear is not always real, it is imaginary or we misinterpret the situation and worry about result, or maybe it was result of our past misjudgement. Fear always imposes limitations on our success; it ruins our potentiality and ability to do things or to act. Fear holds you back and keeps us stuck in life. When your fear grows bigger, you block the dreams. Imagine where we would have struck in our life, if we had no courage to attempt anything? 

To overcome fear and to fulfill our dreams we should fill our mind with positive thoughts and make no room for fears. Dare to come out, risk and move forward. 

Have faith and do the things you believe in. Your faith will never let you down. 

Build courage, Do not let your fears choose your destiny. Never make fear a reason for quitting anything in your life

Do the things that scare you most and you can control fear.

Fear less, breathe more. Fear less, love more. Fear less. Live more. ~ unknown

Have a fearless life!!!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award and it goes to ..

When I opened my inbox today, I read a mail with my mouth wide open, Do you Know Why? I have received my second blog award, Woooooo!!!

I am so happy to receive this award, Bundle of Thanks to Divya Pramil, who awarded this to me, she has a wonderful blog on cooking  You too can cook I suggest everyone must Visit 

So coming to the Rules/Rituals of the Versatile Blogger Award are as Follows:

1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you [   I  Did :)  ] 

2. Add the Versatile Blog Award picture to your blog post ( its here ...)

3. Nominate 15 Fellow Bloggers (scroll down to know)

4. Inform the Bloggers of their nomination (right after posting I will inform) 

5. Share 7 random things about yourself ( look the bottom of the page)

And now the Award goes to..

1. Sreekanth The Undefined Lounge

2. Komathi Still, always, forever 

3. Red  Red handed  

8. Joshi Daniel   Joshi Daniel Photography 
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15. Kinnara   k$h@hz\/\/0Rld

 7 Random Things About me :P

1. I talk a lot (People love and hate me for same reason :P)

2. I am obsessed with clothes and footwear (  But always end up in disappointment coz i wont get my size)

3. I go for hair cut very often. (Feels good to change the style :P)

4.  I love to watch movie on big screen sipping a large coke( full of ice cubes)

5. I don’t like nerd guys.

6. I like to bargain.

7. I love long rides, Midnight walks :)

That's all about me..

Congratulations to all the Award Winners !!!

And now...

Rest to my key board :)

With love,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Little Angel

Silky hair 

Beautiful eyes 

Red cheeks 

Pink lips 

Tender skin

Tiny little arms and feet ...

A sweet baby girl came home ,

She is the most beautiful child, 

She filled our hearts with pride, 

Joy of holding her in my arms for very first day, skipped my heart beats, 

The innocence in her eyes and her smile made our hearts melt, 

Delight of cuddling her and watching her play cannot be replaced, 

She is been sent straight from heaven up above... 

To be Our little Angel ,

We promise to love her with all our heart,

We will comfort her when she cries, 

We cannot wait to watch her grow,

God bless her, as she grows, let her be sweet and kind,

and shine like a diamond

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yes I am Brown Skinned Girl!

From past few months, my parents are seeking a Mr. Right for me, recently I got to meet this person who is a dark chap, average in his looks, well educated and mannered etc etc. we shared our profiles and photographs. After this level of screening, we wait to hear from the person, and the same happened here too. After two days we got a call from the bureau saying that guy wanted a fair girl and you daughter is brown skinned. Grrrrrrrrrrr!! A dark chap calling me dark :) 

Many of us see shocking ads which show girls landing in to good jobs and succeeding in careers because they are fair skinned. Many of the Indian girls are indeed obsessed with the fair skin and run behind the fairness creams.

This is unfortunate in a country like us where we are all genetically brown skinned. In this run, many teenage girls has developed inferiority complex and are heavily buying these fairness creams in the hope of lightening their skin color,.

Be it the girl or the parents, having a fair skin means good job opportunities and better matrimonial proposal, which truly translates into bright future. I guess the saga of fair skin can be traced back to our Vedic ages.

But today I wonder we all are so educated and why  are we not understanding being fair has nothing to do with our social status in society and won’t stop us in succeeding in our careers

We are beautiful, beyond our skin color.

I believe that Passion, vision and clear ambition is a sexy trait for every woman. Whole world appreciate a successful women. 

So what do you think about this??

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Busy Life... Simplified

 And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.
It’s the life in your years.

- Abraham Lincoln

Saturday, March 17, 2012

If She Knew

 Sparking Lights
Classy People
Loud Music
Smoke Cloud
Crazy Dances....
                          She smiled and entered the pub

She saw him, and was frozen at his smile may be "Love at First Sight"
It was strange  and felt connected to him
His charm was mesmerizing,
He looked at her, she smiled, he moved near to her
They exchanged a lot over conversations.. both were lost inside their world...

The sun rays hit her eyes and she realizes  night is all gone, 

Looks around with half opened  eyes and saw him gathering his clothing

Whole night flashes before her eyes, pub, drinks, dance, driving back to her flat..

She: Are you leaving?" 
He : "I need to.. Right? 
She: When shall we meet again? your number ?
He: May be never


She: But why?
He:ever heard of one night stand?

Silence Prevails...

She: When we made love, why did you show me feelings of care
He:   Dear I did then but no more...

That is  what we call One Night Stand

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Letter to Rapist

Dear all Rapists,

We both have never met, and I wish I will not meet you. But every day I hear about you guys (“Rapists”) in all possible forms of media. Oh fuck you guys are so famous; damn you should be ashamed of being so, rather you guys are happy that you got away from whatever you have done.

You bastards never pay for what you have done to all these kids, girls and ladies. Do you have any idea, how your deed is going to affect these innocent souls and their families & friends? How can you have fun when a girl pushes you hard with her hands? How can you derive enjoyment over a weak girl who begs you and says No 100 times? 
You Assholes, are also brothers, husbands and fathers to someone in this world, inspite of that how can you not realize the pain of a rape victim, you push them out of this world and take away all their happiness from their lives. Make their lives miserable. Do you think our society have same attitude towards the victims? They have to battle with society and again with your brutal breed. All these dark things haunt the victim.

You perverted man will ever your ego realize how much you have hurt others. How could you think something like this was okay to do to someone? Why do you lead such a bloody life? May be your confident on our poor law and its easy for criminals to escape from punishment.

I think you don’t have a conscious. How could someone with a conscious do this to innocent girls?! You are also a selfish shit. You just care for yourself. You have never treated other person as a human it was just an “object”, an object of joy

Bloody rapists realize “Rape is not Sex” if you can’t afford sex and cannot control yourself better “DIE” rather behaving like brutal bastards and filling darkness in someone’s life.

I hope one day you will meet a strong and smart girl who will hurt you the same way you did to all, and waiting for that one day you will be in prison or hanged in the public.

I pray god that you will suffer 100 times more than the victims and bear the guilt for whatever you have done

The breed you fucked

P.S: i am sorry for using abusive words, but i believe they deserve them

Saturday, February 18, 2012

“DEMOCRACY” a disguised boon!

Democracy is “Government of, by and for the PEOPLE”. -Abraham Lincoln

Being an Indian I am proud to hear and read that India is largest democratic country in the world and which is stable in ruling since its independence. It’s fantastic to hear when someone praises your country, but do you accept all the praising with heart? I say “No”, because I know the flaws in the system and what actually happened to the full concept of Democracy in India.

Democracy is a "government of, by and for the people". But now the whole concept is changed it is "government of, by and for the politicians". Be it any party they belong. The entire set of parties and politicians have become selfish and corrupt, they work for their grand grand children rather for the country. Every damn politician enters in to his chair, thinking he should bag best ROI (Returns on investment). Entire his term he/she focuses on his/her targets, so when they think of helping the country?

All the politicians are busy in cursing and trying to search flaws in the opponent parties, so as they can be the ruling party in next elections too. When this is situation of our so called leaders, where the country is heading??? What is the use of democracy when people have no choice and never their voices are heard?

Just like any other system, Democracy is also a two way, we the people, elect one party and not satisfied elects another in next term of elections. We change parties which never solves the problems. Frustrated youth, never votes. I question, has ever India recorded at least 80% of voting? If voting is not genuine how are we going to select the good leaders?

We all are looking for change in our political system and parties. As Gandhi ji said “be the change you want to see in the world”. Change your thought process, eradicate all the flaws, stop encouraging bribes, be it a clerk to an officer, question when something goes wrong. Come out of the slavery mind set. After all, being in world largest democratic country, we have right to speech. Raise your voice and fight for your opinions.

People it’s all in our hand, keep check on government ,its operations, its funds, don’t think its government money, it is all our money we pay taxes in many forms, beggar to billionaire pays taxes and have right to question the government.
Along with the people, media is the most important tool to bring change in the system; media should stop confusing people, and helping the corrupted politicians, instead throw light on the real problems of the India like unemployment, poverty, illiteracy. Demand for the enactment of old laws framed in 19th centuries, strict enforcement of laws.

Generations passed waiting for the change and now stop looking, start questioning, utilize your right to information. Do you own part and bring change in your surroundings. Don’t think “Why me?” think it’s only “you”

At any given point of time democracy is a boon reveal its disguise and enjoy the fruits

Let’s elect the leaders not the dictators...Lets stand together and fight against the evils of society 
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Friday, February 17, 2012

I know it's your wish, but it's weird too

In walk of our life, we meet many people, known, unknown, strangers ... Sometime we call some people as ITEMS, seriously they are!! I understand, it's their wish, but can't deny that its weird..

Well, I live in a place which I can't call it as posh area, but a semi posh ;). sometimes when I go to near by market in the morning , I find many uncles and brothers driving bikes while brushing their teeth, Seriously true, Some people come out  to buy vegetables and some to drop their kids at bus stops.  Till date i didnt understand , WHY?? either they can brush before or after the work.. May be they are fine with it, but its weird!!

The showoff Gang, we find these people in many places, showing of their gadgets and trying to get noticed by others, well if  a pretty gals are around, you should definetly watch them.. :P

Big fat Aunties, who wear tight tees/tops showing off their tires, well i am not against you, but dress appropriately based on your size.

The one more set of  weird people, they know there is traffic jam, but still keep honking .. Whats wrong with you guys? everyone want to move, but  just have patience...

The Bravo students who get down from running bus in opposite direction, scares people coming behind the bus. Arey can't you walk few metres?? what was so urgent for you to get down in a dangerous curves of road? Care for  your lives buddies!!

One more weird person I meet everyday is my landlord lady's sister, a 45 yr old lady (90 kgs), she meets me at parking lot of my apartment,says  Hi!! you are very late today, look at your eyes and dark circles ,Look at me how nicely i maintain my skin, blah blah blah.... eats my head for 15-20 mins, Arey aunty samja karo!!!, i am so tired want to rush inside my flat and want to lie down on my bed.. leave me plchhhhh....

well there are many more in my list, but i have to leave office, it already 10 min more i have stayed back.. :P


Friday, February 10, 2012

Are you ashamed of your Mother Tongue???

 A well dressed posh lady comes to the billing counter and the conversation goes like this...

Sales Rep: Your bill is Rs.2,247/- Madam

Customer: Ok, you took card (**she wants to ask, do you accept cards?**)

Sales Rep: Yes madam and do you have membership card?

Customer: No

Sales Rep: Please fill this form Madam, you will get membership card at free of  cost (handovers a form)
After five mins ...

Customer: Why I form fill? I no membership carduu.. givuu billuu

Sales Rep: Okay Madam, here is the bill  please sign here.

After signing she leaves...

This so called "Sophisticated Lady", was really struggling to speak in English, I have heard her speaking Telugu while selecting the clothes and at the billing counter she was pretending as if she cannot frame a word of Telugu.

I am wondering what is her whole idea of speaking in butler  English, is she afraid to accept that she is a south Indian? or she thinks people who speak English are only accepted by society? But what ever it may be, i can't stop adoring her for her confidence to speak in such English before many and making herself a fool.

In this era of  globalization,We all are so confused in adopting the foreign language, we need to know English language but it is not insulting factor if you communicate in your mother tongue.

Though we dress up in western style, doesn't mean we need to have fake attitudes.

Fellas!!! Stop using unnecessary accents which really put a mask on you. 

Try to be yourself.. Being yourself, makes you look more confident.

Last but not the least, you are born in India, be proud of it, don't act as if you  are from USA or UK.

Love your Mother Tongue, after all it is your first ever language learnt in your life.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

In the name of Love

I thought love was just a mirage of the mind,
it's an illusion, it's fake, impossible to find.
But the day I met you, I began to see,
that love is real, and exists in me.

                                                                                                              - Chris Farmer - 
Love is something that everyone wants to have and feel, it is most beautiful thing that can ever happen to someone. It is always very nice to have someone special in your life, the one who can be with you in all times, appreciates, holds you when you fall, share all the elite moments with you.

Human beings are social animals; we need people we can’t live alone. As we grow we nurture in many relationships. One such is acquaintance of the man/lady of your life.

But many times we hear someone telling that they found their true love and the same person complaining that her/his companion has changed over time. So what happened to your true love? Does the person have really changed? Did you lose the charm in your relation? No!! Nothing is true.

Most of us mistake our “Emotional Dependency” as love, when you are with someone for quite long time you feel you are so attached to that person, if you think you are compatible and can be together life long, if so check it once again, he/she may not be the right one.

When your close pal and that too opposite sex, you tend to be with them, after long time you sense a feeling that “you cannot live without them”. Are you serious about it? No you can. It is only that you can’t cope up with your emotional addiction of that person, and can’t sense the void you feel.

What lie other side of the coin  in a relationship, you mistake “True Love”, and start being possessive about your partner. You keep asking about each and every thing  what they do, where they go? Two minutes delay irritates you, attending any other important work makes you think that they are ignoring you.
You feel you are loving and caring more than them and start grabbing the other person space which makes your partner suffocate .That is where your partner moves away. You tend to complain they have changed.

Everything has its own limits, true love is what everyone wants and wish for, never in the name of true love suffocate your partner. Don’t completely rely on your partner for emotional support or needs. Be independent. 
Falling in love doesn't mean you have found "True Love", sometimes, you are yet to find...

and now stop saying "I cannot live without you" or "I cannot imagine my life without you".. Emotional dependency ruins relationships. So keep check on your emotions..

Never Allow your emotions to overrule you...


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When are you getting married??

These days whomever I meet, wherever I go I hear everyone asking me the same”when are you getting married?” Only people and their expressions change, but question remains the same. So do you think that I have answer for that or I can propose a date for my marriage? If so I am sorry I cannot and you are in soup.

When I find someone asking me this I look at them with an innocent face and say "ya we are looking for groom and it is still ….. blah blah blah”

People do you realize how annoying that is to me????

After this my well-wishers give their own version of preaching ,So what I hear there:

1. Hey dear you are getting old, you should get marry fast.. Well “how fast?”

2. All you friends are married and they have kids, you are still single..Does that hurt u?? Well I am happy  being single

3. It’s already late and by the time you give birth to kids it would be late  and whispers in my ear (there are chances that you may not have babies) “so what now??? Can I have babies first and then marry??”

4. Your parents are getting older they may not be able to support in your domestic activities after marriage “well I don’t have any problem in that, do u have any?

5. When will you settle in your life and when can you have home for yourself? Excuse me!!am i on roads now?

6. Security in life: You will have one that special person to take care of you.

7. Your marriage market value will come down, you may not get good guys.

It really sucks to keep on listing their i am cutting the crap here...

I have never told anyone  that  i won't get marry in my life , so my dear well wishers be cool. coming to the questions you ask, let me try  answering at least few

Marriage gives  security and a person to be with u through out your life, what if due to some reasons if i lose that person in very short span?? So security is not always on the other person, its mutual.

Having babies might be difficult if i get older, but i have seen many people delivering at the age of 35. If i cannot have,I always  can adopt one. well that may give a heart attack for you.but that is fact.

My parents getting older, agreed, but i want my parents to be with me not just i  need them to work for me.

As far as to me this  topics goes for quite number of pages. So what i say 

To all my well wishers have patience,cupid is taking time to search Mr. Right for me...I understand  "Marriage Matters". But then, My marriage date is important to me than you  so don't worry much about it.

P.S: Stop annoying people asking stupid questions, you never know what the other person problems are, the reasons behind and moreover everything can't be explained to you

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What it takes to achieve your goals?

Well, every one of us frame  goals in a limited time and we strive to  accomplish them in the upcoming months or years. But in the flow of our busy life schedules (be it domestic or work related) we tend to neglect them and as we move closer to our goals, we are left with disappointment or might have achieved less than what we expected?

That is when, our disappointment in life starts. Many times we hear people saying "hey it’s been 1 year, I have not seen any progress in my career/life or I have not achieved anything remarkable this year".

So now the question is "What we have to do to accomplish our goals?" I would like to list out some points from my own experience, may be you might be aware of these

1. Prioritize: How much ever busy may be your life, always remember what is your goal and things you have to pursue in achieving it. Prioritize the things and focus.

2. Determination: Never allow your determination to fall as time pass, keep the fires ON till you achieve.

3. Believe in yourself: Never doubt your abilities in the process, you always fall if you doubt yourself, be confident and move on towards the goals

4. Take responsibility: Never blame others/situations for your failures, either good or bad take responsibility for everything that happens in the process.

5. Keep your goals small:
Don’t try to have targets bigger than you abilities. Keep manageable goals and achieve big goals in course of time.

6. Stay away from people who say you can’t: always it’s good to be surrounded by people who appreciate your progress rather who distract you from achieving your goals.

7. Value your time: Never waste time in unwanted things.

8. Be independent: Never be dependent on anyone to help you, dependency leads to disappointment. Learn to be independent.

9. Stay Fit: Never neglect your health, health is wealth, without that all your efforts go waste. So never compromise, Eat well and sleep well.

10. Family, Friends & Hobbies: Spend good time with family & friends, it boosts your confidence. Have a hobby, it always keeps you happy from inside and breaks the monotonous routine.
Go ahead and grab yours goals !!!

 P.S: Well this is a different post from all that i posted till today, I hope you appreciate.
P.S.S: You may feel the above content is similar to what you might have read either in books or on internet, but i acknowledge it is purely written by me during my introspection last night.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

No title post


Me: Sitting at my desk, starring at the monitor with tears in eyes, worrying about the piles of tasks I have to complete for today but still waiting when the day will end.

What I am busy with? Sneezing, coughing and in wiping my nose

Around me: People running busily here and there, Few people discussing never ending stupid points loudly, few are giggling loudly Weird ringtones, tuck.. Tuck.. Key board sounds.

What I feel: so sick and in bad mood, getting irritated for all the petty things. May be coz of cold, fever and headache I feel I am exhausting myself .I am just going blank with this mind-numbing headache.

If so why blog?? : I know you will ask me this, but I am sorry I don’t hv a reason, by the way do I need to give you reason? :P

It’s so weird though I am sick.. Hmm I am missing my vicks inhaler.. Ahhhhhh!! This is just a lazy and sick day. I am just dreaming of bed in my room how nice it would be if I crawl into my warm blanket and catch so good sleep.. Well that would be an awesome idea, let me take off from work 
P.S: I am wondering today, though i have fever i came to office to meet deadlines.. Is so damn important in life?? :(

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why only woman are to be blamed for rape?

It looks completely weird to me when I read what Karnataka's Women & Child Welfare minister C. C. Patil quoted saying that women should “know how much skin they should cover” and the similar opinion which was expressed 3 days ago by Andhra Pradesh DGP Dinesh Reddy who blamed women fashionable clothing is cause for the rise in rape cases.

Well let me take their point, if woman are the sole reason for rise in rape due to their revealing clothing, then

  1. Why are kids/under aged girls getting raped or molested, do you think they have something to seduce men???
  2. Why are fathers raping their daughters?
  3. Why are students being molested by teachers in villages?
  4. If your mother or sister looks sexy, do you try to rape them? Or you think of morals?
  5. Can any man guarantee me no rape if a woman is covered completely?
  6. What is the reason for rapes in small towns and villages where people don’t wear western wear at all?
  7. What is your answer for the 23 year old Soumya who was raped in train while travelling to kochi...??? (FYI she was wearing salwar)
  8. And one more question which is sexier and revealing “saree” or a “T-shirt & jeans”??

People don’t just blame women for rape, there are couple of other reasons too, one being important is the poor & corrupted law, and our law takes 15 years to punish one rapist. Then who has to be blamed here?

Why the hell no one says men to control their emotions?

Men too wear their low hip jeans showing their ass cleavage and hairy chests, if a woman is trying to provoke you then what are you trying to do?

People for god sake grow up!!!

Stop being judgmental, rather have some morals in life.

One last question, if your mother, wife or sister get raped due to her revealing clothes, do you leave the criminal saying that was your woman fault?? Or you stand by them for justice?

100% no you fight against the criminal to get the justice for your woman...

So be nice to other woman too they too belong to some family. 
P.S: People this my view /opinion i don't compel anyone to agree with me..

Monday, January 2, 2012

Thank You "2011"

Dear 2011,

My journey in 2011 had Exciting highs, Depressing lows passing through plenty of peaks & troughs mixed with emotions in between.

There was good and bad, but I have learnt to accept and grow instead questioning “why it happens to me?” I know sometimes I cannot do anything about it. Thanks for making me strong.

You gave me new friends and new enemies, I thank you for posing some challenges before me and for making me wiser.

I believe there is reason for everything that happens in life, so here I go “I enjoy the Ride of Life”.

Thanks for teaching me many things and making me mature.

I here say Goodbye to you and welcome the New Year 2012

Miss you 2011 (not crazily) ;)

P.S: I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.. Have a Rocking Year Ahead...