Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why "No Traffic Rules" to Politicians/VIPs?

Many times I felt weird about this issue; I feel it should be a serious concern for us.

Why do they block the traffic whenever a VIP or Politician passes through??”

I understand Security is important for them. But is it at the cost of common man convenience & time? Everyone are busy, every ones time is precious in their own way?

Why do they have to barricade the roads? Do they assume people are to be restrained?

My only question is “Why a politician or VIP should be kept away from the traffic?"

Have you ever seen a traffic cop making way for an Ambulance? NO... At least me, has never seen? So what is the priority here? Do you think is this right system?

Dear Cops,

Allow our so called leaders/VIPS etc to experience the traffic and the real world rather speaking nonsense sitting in AC rooms and traveling in AC cars.

They are also the part of Indian society, laws, rules and regulations apply to them and they should be imposed on them.Allow them to follow the traffic rules... 
In fact each and every law that is applicable to the common man.

Dear Citizens,

Let’s not be the mere spectators, just cursing them (in fact like me who is venting anger through a blog). I feel we should protest and raise voice against these situations.

After all, we gave them power, not to destroy us but to take care of us. This in fact is not happening.

This is what I feel at this moment. I welcome your comments/ suggestions.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I never wanted this to Happen...

As we both were out of town, we could meet each other for a week. After coming back to town, we both decided to meet after office. I was waiting at my apartment gate, he came, and we both drove towards our regular spot i.e CCD @ banjara hills.

It was so nice to see him after quite long time; we just started talking casual things. I was pulling him, he was trying to drive safe in the heavy traffic, and we somehow could swim fast in  the heavy traffic. 
We reached city centre signal, when we took left turn a speed car passed by has hit us, we fell down, injured so much,I can sense a big injury on my head, blood oozing out. I could see him bleeding badly and people helping him to take out the bike. Both of us were screaming loud because of pain. Slowly my vision blurred, I couldn’t hear anythg more, my eyes closed…

I opened my eyes with great pain, my body ached, my back pained like hell, I turned to left saw him in full bandages, on bed unconsciously, he had big injury on head, broken hip, fracture on left leg, I shouted what the hell???? tears rolled from my eyes, I recalled what he said over chat this afternoon, he told he can’t meet me today, but I forced him to meet and the day has ended like this, I just cried a loud for not listening his words, and for being insane…

I was crying, but some sound was disturbing me, I tried to figure out, My Phone unveiled the mystery by the alarm sound. , I just closed my eyes, touched my cheeks to check the tears, ya I found few.. but when I opened eyes, I am in my bedroom alone.. 
Then what was that I saw?? Just a dream????  I giggled just a dream? dream? Woooo.ooooo. nothing Happened.. in fact Nothing happened....That’s just a nightmare.. just a nightmare.. He is safe.. safe.. safe.. all happies.. Just smiled to myself thinking that he must be sleeping now.. I got down from bed n moved towards loo.. 
I seriously never want this to Happen..

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

May I have a Minute ?

It was 1.00 AM , old Sarada was still awake, looking at the door eagerly. Suddenly, a taxi arrives. Elated Sarada runs towards the gate, paused for a moment, her eyes were filled with tears to see her son after 10 years.

She hugs her son and invites them into the house. Sarada is a widow, who is a retired teacher. She struggled a lot to bring up her son, gave him good education. He is a Green card holder settled in USA and came to India to see his mother after 10 years.
In the morning, Sarada takes her family to the temple. She proudly introduces her son to the priest and the known people in the temple. Everyone start praising her son, and reveals that he has given a high donation to the old age home which the Government has never taken care of . Sarada heart filled with contentment and was happy to see her  son is helping the needy.

After lunch, they start sharing the things. In the middle of conversation her son says:

“Mother, If you come and stay with us in America, as you know that  me and my wife are busy with our work and we could not be able to give proper attention towards  you. So, we both have discussed and finalized that we will join you in a old age home.So that you can have comfortable life and that is the reason  I have donated a high amount to the old age home.”

After hearing the reason, Sarada heart breaks and her eyes just start flooding with tears…

With no words left to speak, Sarada ask her son to leave the house


You & me, everyone attains old age, so don’t think that your parents are burden for you. They cared for you ever since you entered this world. They have shown always selfless love on you and you don’t be selfish now. They have sacrificed many things in their life to see you as what you are today in this society.

Remember Your happiness lies in friends, parties, pubs, shopping etc but you are the only happiness to your parents

Be humble to them, take care of them, and don’t leave them when they need you most. All they need is your love and affection

Take a pledge today that “You will serve your old parents in the BEST way you can and will never hurt them in any way, no matter how tough it may be.” 

"Stop putting your parents in Old Age Homes"