Monday, November 26, 2012

I am breaking my monotonous routine…

I live in multitasking mode, hurly burly my day starts
Pressure cooker on stove + keep warm-electric cooker+ coffee mug in hand+ checking mails +FB opening another tab+ Iron box gets heated up and that perfect time, phone rings, while I hang up the call, someone might have mentioned me in a tweet....!!

I start day on a busy note and head to work, and start a war with unread mails, unresolved issues, routine work…

Clock clicks 6 PM, I pack and head back to home thinking about pay cheques, Low battery phone, broken hearts, silent tears, unpaid bills..

I guess many of you might fall under this category.

I wonder, am I  really programmed to be so busy? Do I really live our life to the fullest? When I sit back to think about this, I don’t remember when I have listened to a good song (leaving apart the songs which I listen while driving) and a night falling asleep concentrating on my breathing. With these small pains, I drift away from the big plans, career goals and personal targets... I want to get back to my life and stay close with it..
You know now in my background Taylor Swift sings "But we are never ever ever ever getting back together"  isn't rude on her part? ;)
Anyways I dont worry about what taylor swift sings :P, I am changing the song from the  playlist and going ahead and see best i can make my routine interesting.
Well,  I can make it better by stopping multitasking, plan things in better way, have a hobby, not to over think etc etc. Well I know all these, but I lack in implementation, so now with good amount of determination i want to break the monotony of routine days .I made a to-do-list to help myself , here the activities I planned for self:
  • Go to bed early
  • Get up early in the morning
  • Do Breathing Exercises in the Morning
  • Join guitar classes
  • Continue my sketching hobby
  •  Lear to cook new dishes
  • Call an old friend atleast  twice in a week
  • Visit relatives on weekend
  • Stop nagging myself
  • Take care of health
As of now I have thought these many activities , I may add few more in course of time.. Leaving my routine apart, what have you thought to break monotony ?? please do share your ideas...

Love & Light