Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Being Unfair

On weekends, one should get lucky to get a vacant trail room as soon as you want to try a dress. On such a busy Sunday, I was waiting for my turn to try a dress. There I found this girl who almost picked up many clothes to try accompanied by her mom. Whatever she wears her mom says only one thing "ee colour suit avvadu ra nee colour ki konchem vere colour try cheyi"  (color doesn’t suit on you, may be you have to try another one) and the girl kept on saying "konchem tellaga undalisindi amma nenu" (I should have been a bit fair ).

Crap!! Every dress she wore was just looking perfect on her. The girl was really pretty with proper body curves and above all she had a very beautiful smile.

I am also a dusky skinned girl woman. Whenever I visit any beauty parlour, first thing they tell me is my skin is so tanned and I should try anti-tan pack, I always tell them, “that is my original skin colour” and lord sun has not played any role in it. I have been advised by many people to go for chemical peels, fairness facials, many home remedies to make myself look a bit fair. During my marriage looks, few guys who are darker than me too judged me as “she is dark”.

I don’t understand why people or parents make a person so conscious and insecure about their color. Being dark or dusky is not a sin. Added to all of it, TV channels, they all are flooded with fairness cream advertisements, and they teach that if you are not fair, you won’t be getting enough opportunities and you won’t be successful in life. Instead of building confidence in a person, media is teaching obsession to young girls and making them less confident.

I understand , this obsession is in our blood and takes time to realize the truth but how far is it right to put down a person for the darkness of their skin??

I strongly believe that skin colour doesn’t determine your worth as a person. You look best when you are comfortable in your skin. Just maintain a clean and clear skin, that’s perfect!
Don’t allow anyone to make you feel inferior because of your skin colour. 

You are created by god with loads of love, you are not his flaw you are his favourite. Just Love yourself…

I love being unfair, do you??