Thursday, September 12, 2013

"U Turn"

Just wondering how many times we might have run behind something which we think is everything. Definitely many of us many times, aren’t we? There are many things in life, somehow we want them, but we can’t have them. In many things you have alternative, but the things won’t make you feel the same, definitely they could make you feel better but not “SAME”. Alternatives are sometimes more practical, but they never satisfy your carving and never make you feel the same...

Sometimes you meet someone and you know it is not going to be a perfect relation; You opt for a course and realize it is wrong decision, you get into a job which is not perfect to you, at times you dress imperfect etc... There could be many things which are incompatible to you. But for some odd reason you want to give it a try for hell of it. Most of us make mistakes by choosing wrong choices. After reaching certain point we question ourselves “Where am I going??” “Why is this happening?”.We feel guilty, broken and lost. Remember whatever happens life has to move on…

We are not perfect and we make mistakes along the way. But when you understand by taking "U"Turn, you can always be on the right track and move in the right direction, however many mistakes and setbacks you may encounter on the way treat them as lessons which make you stronger than yesterday. And remember; don’t just look forward to reaching the destination. Enjoy the journey too.

Happiness is not about having what you want but wanting what you have.

You are born to be real, not perfect!! Look beyond the Imperfections and enjoy the life..