Saturday, July 7, 2012

So, you are not a S/W engineer?

Dialling a number….

Tring tring tring….

Me: Hi

He: hello

Me: I saw your advertisement on the club membership. I would like to know the details as I wish to join for TT on weekend

He: sure madam, membership costs you Rs. 1500 and every month its Rs. 300 and we have trainers too

Me: Oh that is so nice; let me know the formalities, so that I can drop in to your office today evening

He: where do you work?

Me: a Civil engineering company

He: what is ur designation

Me: Urban Planner

He: Oh you are not a software engineer. Sorry madam, this club gives membership to S/w Engineers from MNCs

Me: WTF??(To self)

Me: I asked why?

He: Security & affordability madam and people here are all s/w engineers...

Me: Thank you, better u mention this in your Add to save our time

What do you think about this? I have met many half knowledge people, who think S/w engineering is the only industry that exists. Come on, there are much better ones too exist. If not how other services are being done to the citizens. The wrong impression they have on other industries is disgusting….people think that s/w engineers are the only ones who earn a lot than any one...

 I hope these kind of people will grow up and think about this...