Saturday, January 11, 2014

No Name Post..

I hear many times girls & boys having 5, 6, 7 breakups. I wonder how someone can fall in love many times. Though  people say it is quite possible.

But what I feel is none of them are seriously in the relationship that was more of time pass  than a serious one. Those are not the love stories; trust me they are just "Lust Stories". Well, they could be stories made out of necessity.

The meaning of the Love is slowly fading away, the three words used to generate chills in one’s body, but now they just roll from the lips just like that. Walking hand in hand, candle light dinners, love letters... seems to be a stupid ways. Now a days everything is replaced by wild sex acts involving  love making in deserted places or in the cars.

Relationships are made just like that; someone is madly in love with a girl/boy met in a party, they drink and roam around. Many people just hook around with their buddies with few drinks. And they blame the drink for getting them hooked.
I feel pathetic that emotions have become so cheap and valueless. How long one keep going around like this? What if one day you wake up and feel that u need a shoulder to lean, hold your hand, and listen to your problems. Hug you and say everything is going to be fine. What if when you want someone to share your joys, care for you, pat your shoulder for your success, and be with u for celebrations?

Think a moment!!! Can you say I Love You truly to someone who means a lot to you?

These relationships last till Lust exists, so look for someone who has godly love in u, who makes you feel that he/she belongs to you and enjoy the eternal feeling of love.

Let’s not “LOVE- a Divine Madness” bite us back.

Cherish the sweet thing in right way and have happy life.

P.s:It is my own view, i don't want to offend any one , i further  understand it is democratic country and everyone are free to live their life in the way they want.

She knows...He will...

It was 2AM, Sirisha was thirsty,opened her eyes and heard a knock of the door, She got up ,opened, and confirmed it was wind. She got back to her position on bed and saw Sanju moving uncomfortably, his blanket  isn't covering him at all.She patted him and covered him with blanket

Few seconds later, she heard a familiar sound, and sensed warmth near her ears that was Sanju, She could smell him she just turned, and placed his head on her chest, Sanju  put his hands around her. Looking at Sanju, Sirisha  sensed that his world is perfect now. They kissed each other and again he closed his eyes….

She knows, he will sleep well now…:)

P.S :Sleeping next to someone you love makes falling asleep easier, reduces depression risk and helps you live longer.