Friday, February 22, 2013

RIP Humanity

Twin bomb blasts on Thursday in Hyderabad left people in fear cloud. 15 people have lost their lives and 119 are injured. The victims are innocent common people from different classes and religions who wish to reach home safely. But the day ended in a gloomy way for them. Loss of innocent lives is tragic no matter why it happened and who did it? 

Let the reason may be terrorism or political conflict, the common man who is innocent is paying for the ill state of being. The act is done by heartless Humans. The bomb blasts were carried out by inferior cowards, and it doesn't matter if they are Hindu or Muslim, that was an act of cowardliness. Currently we are killing ourselves slowly, are we at brink of extinction of our human existence

We people talk about peace and harmony, whenever an incident like this happens, do a peace march, share the status,show anguish, write blogs, bitch government. Later after few days nobody cares for anybody. 

After every blast the government becomes emotional and every party blames the ruling party for the distress happened. All party leaders visit the victims; show their sympathy as part of their vote bank politics. People start blaming each religion and pick up indifferences. 

Politicians are busy in propagating their party and guarding their seats, media in flashing headlines to increase their fame.  In the dead there is a day wage labour who earns bread and butter for family, a mother, senior citizen and an aspiring student. What can compensate as substitute to their family? No value for life.

Politics & religion aside, we people must realize that we the innocent civilians on both sides of the conflict are dying. Focusing on the human rights, moral values are the need of the hour. We have to work towards positive solutions for humanitarian crisis. Humans should stop killing each other. No religion on earth teaches violence, and nobody is an enemy of any body. 

You cowards  responsible for this inhuman act, might have won in your  beliefs, but you are dead as a human being. No more to belong to this race.

Remember not all Muslims are culprits and not all Hindus are innocents.

“Be a Human being” & Live and Let Live “Humans”