Thursday, December 29, 2011

“Public Display of Affection” How much is really too much?

A Scene in bus @ 11. PM

Mr & Mrs. X boarded the bus, occupied their reserved seats.

Mrs. X : Hey push the seat back and be comfortable, otherwise u may get back pain jaanu

Mr.X: Turn off the AC, already u have cold... it may get worst again

Mrs.X: Have a sip of water (forcibly she pours water in to his mouth  and wipes his lips with her dhupatta )

Mr.X grabs her hand and keeps her palm under his ears,

Mrs X smiles and gently pampers him, giving slight massages on his head with her finger tips.

Bus starts….

Both of them use one blanket to cover (though two were available...) started giggling and pampering each other… (May be they thought it’s their bedroom)

I understand public display of affection is common, but how much it should be? & what about people around them?

Well the point is how much is too much?

Many people think public display of affection is sweet and a form of caring, but I want to tell you again it’s fine as long as you won’t make people around you uncomfortable. If you are doing so, it means you are doing something wrong in public.

People nobody will say Awww!!! They are cool, that’s warm... They say "AHHHH Yuck"!!!

People so use ur brains and don’t have pleasure at cost of someone’s inconvenience 
P.S: this is my opinion/view ,i am not trying to compel anyone to hate it... i don't mind if u hate me for hating PDA

P.S: one more thing, i Hate people who use their flashy mobile phones in buses after lights are turned off... and I hate your weird ring tones and loud voices too