Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Just Do It!!!

"The key to change... is to let go of fear." --Roseanne Cash

Fear is a common factor in every human. But the type and intensity of fear differs from person to person. Most of us are held back by our fears. The result is that we don’t do the things that are important to us. There comes a moment in everyone’s life which is a regret or impact of fear for example public speaking, expressing your opinion, asking for things you want, rejection, saying no, losing a chance to play a sport etc . Fear restricts people.

As I said, even I have certain fears one among them is heights, or it could be Acrophobia” – Phobia of heights. Recently I have been to Diu where I got a chance to parasail, Mind says let’s do it, but heart says No No No…. Finally my mind won and I have set myself to do the sport.

I was decked up in life jacket, attached to a parasail wing and towed behind a boat. The person gave few instructions on how to land and when to pull the rope and meaning for his signals. I was all excited, but had a great fear mixed with some stupid doubts like what if the rope breaks, what if the wing has a hole , before I complete my list, the person started the sport and asked me to run for 3 or 4 m.. I closed my eyes for fraction of seconds but when I opened I was flying high, I looked down and it was so awesome, riding through wind over the sea was unforgettable experience. The boat has slow down so that the wing comes down and my feet is dipped down in water and again I was pulled up.. flying high..

When I am done with the sport, it was such a satisfying experience and it made me more confident than before.

The quotes “if you never try, you’ll never know what you are capable of” – John Barrow came true in my case

It may not look like a great achievement, it is really a great task for me to do it and the wonderful lesson I learnt for the game.

Conquer your fears and transform them in to action!!!..