Saturday, March 17, 2012

If She Knew

 Sparking Lights
Classy People
Loud Music
Smoke Cloud
Crazy Dances....
                          She smiled and entered the pub

She saw him, and was frozen at his smile may be "Love at First Sight"
It was strange  and felt connected to him
His charm was mesmerizing,
He looked at her, she smiled, he moved near to her
They exchanged a lot over conversations.. both were lost inside their world...

The sun rays hit her eyes and she realizes  night is all gone, 

Looks around with half opened  eyes and saw him gathering his clothing

Whole night flashes before her eyes, pub, drinks, dance, driving back to her flat..

She: Are you leaving?" 
He : "I need to.. Right? 
She: When shall we meet again? your number ?
He: May be never


She: But why?
He:ever heard of one night stand?

Silence Prevails...

She: When we made love, why did you show me feelings of care
He:   Dear I did then but no more...

That is  what we call One Night Stand

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Letter to Rapist

Dear all Rapists,

We both have never met, and I wish I will not meet you. But every day I hear about you guys (“Rapists”) in all possible forms of media. Oh fuck you guys are so famous; damn you should be ashamed of being so, rather you guys are happy that you got away from whatever you have done.

You bastards never pay for what you have done to all these kids, girls and ladies. Do you have any idea, how your deed is going to affect these innocent souls and their families & friends? How can you have fun when a girl pushes you hard with her hands? How can you derive enjoyment over a weak girl who begs you and says No 100 times? 
You Assholes, are also brothers, husbands and fathers to someone in this world, inspite of that how can you not realize the pain of a rape victim, you push them out of this world and take away all their happiness from their lives. Make their lives miserable. Do you think our society have same attitude towards the victims? They have to battle with society and again with your brutal breed. All these dark things haunt the victim.

You perverted man will ever your ego realize how much you have hurt others. How could you think something like this was okay to do to someone? Why do you lead such a bloody life? May be your confident on our poor law and its easy for criminals to escape from punishment.

I think you don’t have a conscious. How could someone with a conscious do this to innocent girls?! You are also a selfish shit. You just care for yourself. You have never treated other person as a human it was just an “object”, an object of joy

Bloody rapists realize “Rape is not Sex” if you can’t afford sex and cannot control yourself better “DIE” rather behaving like brutal bastards and filling darkness in someone’s life.

I hope one day you will meet a strong and smart girl who will hurt you the same way you did to all, and waiting for that one day you will be in prison or hanged in the public.

I pray god that you will suffer 100 times more than the victims and bear the guilt for whatever you have done

The breed you fucked

P.S: i am sorry for using abusive words, but i believe they deserve them