Friday, September 30, 2011

I want to be a thief

It was busy day at office, loads of work, quick deadlines... made day much more hectic than it was.. Thank god I could overcome all these issues and met   the deadlines.. Before leaving office, I called him and said that we will have dinner together. He is also in the same situation and he was okay to meet for dinner.It was so nice to relax after a hectic day,nice restaurant, yummy food, awesome friend to give company.We just started sharing about our daily routine "what happened at office?  blah blah blah.. "

Things were fine till here, I am good at observing people, though he was sitting in front of me/ with me, he was not much in to me, I could sense his mind is restless and wandering somewhere, mails, calls, text messages kept him busy across dinner table too. I tried to bring back his concentration, but I have failed... :(((

So I want to be a thief so that, 

I can steal his mind, erase all the restlessness and every ending thoughts

I can steal his heart, fill love for me

I can steal his eyes, so that he can keep off his eyes from mobile

I can steal his lips, keep them away from cigarette 

At least then, he realises that I am there with him, and we are together just to relax and have to be away from our daily tensions.

P.S: This is outcome of my random thought process

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I will never make him wait!!!

That was a lazy Sunday, usually I don’t sleep in the afternoons, but I was in very deep sleep on that Sunday. It was 6 PM, I was in deep Trans of my sleep, and suddenly my phone rang, with half opened eyes I looked at the number and it was my dear friend 

He: hey whats up?

Me: I am sleeping.

He: call me once u get up, we will go out

Me: okay 

After 20 min ( I was still on bed) Phone rings.. the same person

He: got ready?

Me: ya 5 min I will be down

After 10 min, he reached my place, and I was still getting ready, finally I made him to wait for 15 min.

I reached the gate and saw a guy waiting, I am sure its him. I saw him crushing the cigarette on road, exhaling the final puff smoke. while nearing him, his perfume reached me wafting through. i could make out that he was waiting for 15 minutes. and had 3 cigarettes. 

I sat behind him, and started thinking

"A single cigarette can reduce the blood supply to your skin for over an hour."
"On average, each cigarette shortens a smoker's life by around 11 minutes."
"Over 80 cancer giving ingredients are present in a single Cigarette.” 

when I calculated, I have figured out he lost 33 minutes of his life waiting for me. 

I know he never quits smoking and i never wanted to be a reason for him to lit a cigarette .

I have decided that i will never make him wait..

p.s: If you think smoking is cool and shows ur attitude i am sorry. 

Here are your Wrong perceptions:
 Smoking looks cool and Cigarettes are identified as stress busters.
Sporting a lighted cigarette between ur fingers or lips is  real attitude. 
You look manly ( the fact is foul smell in the mouth and clothes is not liked by majority of females)

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Say "NO" to division based on Caste

In ancient days, caste system is just a division of labor based on their occupation/skill levels. It is always been a part of Indian Culture. Can we imagine in a country every one being a doctor or an engineer? No we cannot survive that way. We divide among ourselves based on caste feeling one caste is superior to other. Have we ever thought that in this globalization we are going backward?

Yes, if we divide our society based on caste we travel back, since my childhood I am studying India is a developing county and I am sure my children will also read the same. Then when are we going to declare India as a developed country.

Some divide people for their selfish needs, some for just creating a voter bank. And what are we doing about it? Are we not mingling with people based on caste?

After independence, Indians had pledge that we shall create a secular society and it was promised in our Indian constitution. But we violated and amended the constitution to uplift the weaker sections.

Today we stand here, dividing society in to Hindu, Muslim, SC, ST, OC,OBC if possible new reservation types. Are these worth doing? We are just creating a misunderstanding and hatred among ourselves. To my understanding there are two classes in our system i.e Haves and Have-nots.

Adding to this, our census 2011 based on caste. I guess this is the evil act of our politicians to check their voter bank and definitely not to uplift the economically deprived.

If our politicians or Government want to uplift the masses, why don’t they understand that education alone can remove poverty, educated people, provide basic amenities.

Dear All Indians,

Remember “United we stand, Divided we fall”. India is a democratic country, lets enjoy our freedom and let’s not be slaves to these discrimination. we all are humans, fight for human rights. Let us work towards creating a new society and dream of developed India. Castes in a system are like different parts of our body which perform different functions; do we discriminate our organs and neglect them?? No so Why to discriminate people?

Break the caste barriers. Unless we unite we cant make difference and revolt back on the evil things in the society like corruption, sick politicians, poor governance.

We educated, can bring change in the society and can empower the weak. Join hands together and lets revolt back…. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's been 10 years...

My Dear Lovely Friend,

I am just sitting here and writing to you to say these unspoken words which come right from my heart...
You were always nice to me, helped me by fixing my problems, you never left me behind when I was in need of you.

You made me laugh and let me cry and used to say u will miss me if I go

You could never know how you have changed my life.

Thanks you for listening to my thoughts n sharing my feelings. 
I know I will never be able to reach you, Hug u tight, and say thank you.
Today, I want to yell that I Miss you like hell... 
Love you lots Tasleema

P.s: This is written for my best fren who has passed away 10 years back