Sunday, January 29, 2017

The First Time...

Last night I had very disturbed sleep. I got up late and  was already late to office and uber is yet to figure out my address, after few minutes uber arrived and I rushed in to cab with my stuffed backpack and a heavy laptop. after getting in to cab, my mind became calm but heart started beating fast, I know today is a important day for me and the wait will get over in few hours. With these thoughts in my mind, I reached office. Dropping my things in cabin, I rushed to the meeting, with half-minded and 100% unwillingly I sat in the meeting wishing that they may wrap up fast. Two hours later I walked out of the meeting hall looking at the googlemaps and calculating the travel time to airport. 

Traveling to airport was never so exciting to me. I took cab, asked the driver “ how long does it take to reach airport from here?” he answered “ 60 min “. The cab driver changed route, when questioned he said madam "this is Uber pool". My heartbeat raised and in trembling voice I said how many you need to pick? driver answered "only one". I said “bega hogabeku, please anna”, the driver picked another passenger and finally I was dropped on time at airport.

I entered airport and was waiting for boarding to start, butterflies in my stomach made me restless and I was neither thirsty nor hungry, only thing I want was to board the flight as soon as possible. My phone rang 

He : Hello
Me: Hi
He: Did u board?
Me: No not yet, boarding is yet to start,
He: My battery is low , call on this alternate number if it is not reachable.. happy journey!!
Me: Thank you, bye…

I landed in Hyderabad, turned on my phone and was waiting for the network. I walked towards arrivals gate, saw him waving hand. Yes, it is him, My Would be. We walked straight to one another with our tender smiles and happy faces. We greeted each other, had coffee and took walk towards parking, talking about ourselves which are unknown to each other. We uncared about our surroundings. 

We sat on bench, and I said “Thanks for coming”. With a single glimpse, he held my hand, said “I will always make time to be with you” my hand in his hand, he holding tight. The first touch felt like electricity has passed through my spine, felt like my favourite song was playing in background, I was almost melted, every sense became hazy.

I whispered to him “My heart is beating fast” and I pulled my hand away from his hand. We both smiled at each other with a sense of pride, as we choose to spend rest of our lives with each other.

I finally felt that spark of touch, when first time you held hands of someone you love.

With a spell that lasts, and a tender smile we left the place leaving each other and wanting more...

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