Saturday, June 30, 2012

What if there were no men in the World????

In middle of some discussion , someone told according to 2011 census sex ratio is  940 females per 1000 males... My mind was completely  heated up because of  prolonged discussions... when I heard of sex ratio concept I was wondering what if men doesn't exist in this world?

Just imagine, how it would be if God has not created man for woman.... Holy shit.... Think! Think..

It scares me, Imagine living whole life with women.. Grrrrrr.. same old lipsticks, shinny gloss, rose perfumes, pinks & red everywhere, floral printed fabrics, Unlimited gossips... Its pathetic .. 

I seriously wonder if men doesn't exist, then Who will praise us when we dress nicely? who will flirt with us, Who will say its okay baby when we are sick, who will hold our hand in the evening for a romantic walk?who will scold us saying "you dumbo"? who will hold our shopping bags, who will take us everywhere on their bike? How can we use credit card without repaying ? who will makes us feel secure in their Hug?  Phewww.... Ufff.. on and so on...

Coming to the biological threats, can we become mothers?? Well do we introduce any new technology for producing babies?  if so, who it would be?

Ahhh!! the world looks so Dull and Sick without men...

Thats what I feel.. what do you all have to say about this??

I appreciate God for creating men  in this world & I Thank him for that :P  ...


1. Term "WE" Refers to Girls &  ladies
2. Office on weekends make u feel sick and u turn out to be foolishly intelligent... this post says it   out.. Ahh I have to kill another 30  min more here :(
3. I am happy that i have put on 2 kgs weight.. Irrelevant to many of you, but still recording it on my Blog TL..

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Beautiful Morning

I promised my friend that we both will get up early and go for a cup of coffee in the morning. But this awesome weather didn't allowed me to realize that the sun is already out there. I opened my eyes, searched for mobile and sent a text  saying "sorry", he replied “that’s fine dear, catch some more sleep”. 

I got up looked out of the window, chill breeze touched my face, felt what a beautiful morning, I sat in balcony with a cup of coffee, listening to my fav songs, watching the flock of pigeons... 

The morning was bright, after a very long hot summer, Hyderabad is having such an awesome weather. I felt to break the routine, but cannot bunk office. 

I felt positive vibrations around me, I thought, I need this harmony throughout the day, 

      So Just for Today ...

  • I will be happy and smile at everyone. 
  • I will try to accept what I am 
  • I will call an old friend and say “Hi” 
  • I will say sorry for someone whom I have hurt in past 
  • I will help someone who is in need 
  • I will be thankful to god & say a thanks prayer 
  • I will not let anything upset me. 
  • I will enjoy the traffic. 
  • I will do my work honestly 
  • I will not allow negative thoughts 
  • I will not spend too much money. 
  • I will learn a something new. 
  • I will keep faith in the god’s plans and accept what life brings.

Love & Light to All...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teach People How to Treat You

Many times I feel why I have allowed someone to treat me that way? Why am I letting it happen that way and be tolerant? 

Just like me I guess many people do think, I heard people saying that “people use me, take advantage of me”, they are taken for granted and get hurt from the other person easily. 

While thinking of this I was wondering if I am complaining about this all the time, there must be something wrong with me. May be I have not taught the other person, how to treat me. 

The problem with me is I am very good at tolerating people for no reason and can’t be rude. Well in return what am I getting? I am sure I deserve to be treated with the same respect as what I give to others. I should define boundaries; it is me who can draw a line to determine how close I can be with a person to maintain a decent relationship. 

So I think I shall be clever and teach the other person, how to treat me from the beginning  so that things won’t go wrong later. 

Bottom line is one must treat themselves as if they are wonderful and shall not allow others to walk on you. Be good to yourself, because if you feel good about yourself then other people will treat you with respect. 

It’s we who teach people how to treat us!

P.S: Today morning,I got up early, was just enjoying nature sipping a cup of coffee in the balcony, a weird random thought/feeling  flashed my mind and this post took birth from there.