Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's not meant to Happen that way...

He walked into her room, she was standing in a corner, and he glanced at her. She looked like a nicely engraved sculpture; her skin was gold. She smiled at him with her ivory teeth.

He walked close to her and looked into her sparkling eyes. His provocative gaze created feeling of love that is real. Her presence made him forget the worldly fears. She drifted into his arms and her world seemed to be perfect and secure.

His hands flowed over her and they were lost in the mystical ride, burnt the flames of desire, love, & lust.

She looked at him so pure, so sad and felt he is one who holds her hand in all the times and will stand by her forever. He smiled at her and she looked as the most beautiful thing alive on earth.

He warmly whispered in her ears ” for 100 pieces of silver” will you sleep with me again?

A tear rolled, she wiped the tear escaping with the curve of lips, heard the gentle whisper from her heart, and realized she is the Girl with Price Tag; all her dreams were shattered, helpless to say it out.

She smiled and said "for 150 pieces"

Deep inside, she cried every second of  that night, she told herself" i know i cant have you, but still i  give my heart away.

In her world " its not meant to happen that way"

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Living my life, without knowing your existence

I was living my life, without knowing your existence, suddenly, you came in to my life like an angel, Guess what it meant to be for me??

You have changed my life’s outlook. Made many things in my life simple, sweet, and reachable

You are there with me, when I walked alone in dark nights

You brought my family and pals closer to my heart and made long distances short

Your are the one who heard my thousand smiles and saw thousand tears

You made my misunderstandings with loved ones vanish

You made me to show how I feel inside

You have all my memories & secrets with you

You bring breaking news

Every moment I spent with you, it is a moment to cherish

You are the only one who knows “Real Me”

Tears rolled from my eyes when I lost you yesterday, 

when I was in grief, god saved me and got you back to me.

I Love you my dear Sony Ericsson “XPERIA”. 

I thought I lost you forever, but we r meant to be together

Welcome back to me My baby :)