Saturday, February 18, 2012

“DEMOCRACY” a disguised boon!

Democracy is “Government of, by and for the PEOPLE”. -Abraham Lincoln

Being an Indian I am proud to hear and read that India is largest democratic country in the world and which is stable in ruling since its independence. It’s fantastic to hear when someone praises your country, but do you accept all the praising with heart? I say “No”, because I know the flaws in the system and what actually happened to the full concept of Democracy in India.

Democracy is a "government of, by and for the people". But now the whole concept is changed it is "government of, by and for the politicians". Be it any party they belong. The entire set of parties and politicians have become selfish and corrupt, they work for their grand grand children rather for the country. Every damn politician enters in to his chair, thinking he should bag best ROI (Returns on investment). Entire his term he/she focuses on his/her targets, so when they think of helping the country?

All the politicians are busy in cursing and trying to search flaws in the opponent parties, so as they can be the ruling party in next elections too. When this is situation of our so called leaders, where the country is heading??? What is the use of democracy when people have no choice and never their voices are heard?

Just like any other system, Democracy is also a two way, we the people, elect one party and not satisfied elects another in next term of elections. We change parties which never solves the problems. Frustrated youth, never votes. I question, has ever India recorded at least 80% of voting? If voting is not genuine how are we going to select the good leaders?

We all are looking for change in our political system and parties. As Gandhi ji said “be the change you want to see in the world”. Change your thought process, eradicate all the flaws, stop encouraging bribes, be it a clerk to an officer, question when something goes wrong. Come out of the slavery mind set. After all, being in world largest democratic country, we have right to speech. Raise your voice and fight for your opinions.

People it’s all in our hand, keep check on government ,its operations, its funds, don’t think its government money, it is all our money we pay taxes in many forms, beggar to billionaire pays taxes and have right to question the government.
Along with the people, media is the most important tool to bring change in the system; media should stop confusing people, and helping the corrupted politicians, instead throw light on the real problems of the India like unemployment, poverty, illiteracy. Demand for the enactment of old laws framed in 19th centuries, strict enforcement of laws.

Generations passed waiting for the change and now stop looking, start questioning, utilize your right to information. Do you own part and bring change in your surroundings. Don’t think “Why me?” think it’s only “you”

At any given point of time democracy is a boon reveal its disguise and enjoy the fruits

Let’s elect the leaders not the dictators...Lets stand together and fight against the evils of society 
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Friday, February 17, 2012

I know it's your wish, but it's weird too

In walk of our life, we meet many people, known, unknown, strangers ... Sometime we call some people as ITEMS, seriously they are!! I understand, it's their wish, but can't deny that its weird..

Well, I live in a place which I can't call it as posh area, but a semi posh ;). sometimes when I go to near by market in the morning , I find many uncles and brothers driving bikes while brushing their teeth, Seriously true, Some people come out  to buy vegetables and some to drop their kids at bus stops.  Till date i didnt understand , WHY?? either they can brush before or after the work.. May be they are fine with it, but its weird!!

The showoff Gang, we find these people in many places, showing of their gadgets and trying to get noticed by others, well if  a pretty gals are around, you should definetly watch them.. :P

Big fat Aunties, who wear tight tees/tops showing off their tires, well i am not against you, but dress appropriately based on your size.

The one more set of  weird people, they know there is traffic jam, but still keep honking .. Whats wrong with you guys? everyone want to move, but  just have patience...

The Bravo students who get down from running bus in opposite direction, scares people coming behind the bus. Arey can't you walk few metres?? what was so urgent for you to get down in a dangerous curves of road? Care for  your lives buddies!!

One more weird person I meet everyday is my landlord lady's sister, a 45 yr old lady (90 kgs), she meets me at parking lot of my apartment,says  Hi!! you are very late today, look at your eyes and dark circles ,Look at me how nicely i maintain my skin, blah blah blah.... eats my head for 15-20 mins, Arey aunty samja karo!!!, i am so tired want to rush inside my flat and want to lie down on my bed.. leave me plchhhhh....

well there are many more in my list, but i have to leave office, it already 10 min more i have stayed back.. :P


Friday, February 10, 2012

Are you ashamed of your Mother Tongue???

 A well dressed posh lady comes to the billing counter and the conversation goes like this...

Sales Rep: Your bill is Rs.2,247/- Madam

Customer: Ok, you took card (**she wants to ask, do you accept cards?**)

Sales Rep: Yes madam and do you have membership card?

Customer: No

Sales Rep: Please fill this form Madam, you will get membership card at free of  cost (handovers a form)
After five mins ...

Customer: Why I form fill? I no membership carduu.. givuu billuu

Sales Rep: Okay Madam, here is the bill  please sign here.

After signing she leaves...

This so called "Sophisticated Lady", was really struggling to speak in English, I have heard her speaking Telugu while selecting the clothes and at the billing counter she was pretending as if she cannot frame a word of Telugu.

I am wondering what is her whole idea of speaking in butler  English, is she afraid to accept that she is a south Indian? or she thinks people who speak English are only accepted by society? But what ever it may be, i can't stop adoring her for her confidence to speak in such English before many and making herself a fool.

In this era of  globalization,We all are so confused in adopting the foreign language, we need to know English language but it is not insulting factor if you communicate in your mother tongue.

Though we dress up in western style, doesn't mean we need to have fake attitudes.

Fellas!!! Stop using unnecessary accents which really put a mask on you. 

Try to be yourself.. Being yourself, makes you look more confident.

Last but not the least, you are born in India, be proud of it, don't act as if you  are from USA or UK.

Love your Mother Tongue, after all it is your first ever language learnt in your life.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

In the name of Love

I thought love was just a mirage of the mind,
it's an illusion, it's fake, impossible to find.
But the day I met you, I began to see,
that love is real, and exists in me.

                                                                                                              - Chris Farmer - 
Love is something that everyone wants to have and feel, it is most beautiful thing that can ever happen to someone. It is always very nice to have someone special in your life, the one who can be with you in all times, appreciates, holds you when you fall, share all the elite moments with you.

Human beings are social animals; we need people we can’t live alone. As we grow we nurture in many relationships. One such is acquaintance of the man/lady of your life.

But many times we hear someone telling that they found their true love and the same person complaining that her/his companion has changed over time. So what happened to your true love? Does the person have really changed? Did you lose the charm in your relation? No!! Nothing is true.

Most of us mistake our “Emotional Dependency” as love, when you are with someone for quite long time you feel you are so attached to that person, if you think you are compatible and can be together life long, if so check it once again, he/she may not be the right one.

When your close pal and that too opposite sex, you tend to be with them, after long time you sense a feeling that “you cannot live without them”. Are you serious about it? No you can. It is only that you can’t cope up with your emotional addiction of that person, and can’t sense the void you feel.

What lie other side of the coin  in a relationship, you mistake “True Love”, and start being possessive about your partner. You keep asking about each and every thing  what they do, where they go? Two minutes delay irritates you, attending any other important work makes you think that they are ignoring you.
You feel you are loving and caring more than them and start grabbing the other person space which makes your partner suffocate .That is where your partner moves away. You tend to complain they have changed.

Everything has its own limits, true love is what everyone wants and wish for, never in the name of true love suffocate your partner. Don’t completely rely on your partner for emotional support or needs. Be independent. 
Falling in love doesn't mean you have found "True Love", sometimes, you are yet to find...

and now stop saying "I cannot live without you" or "I cannot imagine my life without you".. Emotional dependency ruins relationships. So keep check on your emotions..

Never Allow your emotions to overrule you...


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

When are you getting married??

These days whomever I meet, wherever I go I hear everyone asking me the same”when are you getting married?” Only people and their expressions change, but question remains the same. So do you think that I have answer for that or I can propose a date for my marriage? If so I am sorry I cannot and you are in soup.

When I find someone asking me this I look at them with an innocent face and say "ya we are looking for groom and it is still ….. blah blah blah”

People do you realize how annoying that is to me????

After this my well-wishers give their own version of preaching ,So what I hear there:

1. Hey dear you are getting old, you should get marry fast.. Well “how fast?”

2. All you friends are married and they have kids, you are still single..Does that hurt u?? Well I am happy  being single

3. It’s already late and by the time you give birth to kids it would be late  and whispers in my ear (there are chances that you may not have babies) “so what now??? Can I have babies first and then marry??”

4. Your parents are getting older they may not be able to support in your domestic activities after marriage “well I don’t have any problem in that, do u have any?

5. When will you settle in your life and when can you have home for yourself? Excuse me!!am i on roads now?

6. Security in life: You will have one that special person to take care of you.

7. Your marriage market value will come down, you may not get good guys.

It really sucks to keep on listing their i am cutting the crap here...

I have never told anyone  that  i won't get marry in my life , so my dear well wishers be cool. coming to the questions you ask, let me try  answering at least few

Marriage gives  security and a person to be with u through out your life, what if due to some reasons if i lose that person in very short span?? So security is not always on the other person, its mutual.

Having babies might be difficult if i get older, but i have seen many people delivering at the age of 35. If i cannot have,I always  can adopt one. well that may give a heart attack for you.but that is fact.

My parents getting older, agreed, but i want my parents to be with me not just i  need them to work for me.

As far as to me this  topics goes for quite number of pages. So what i say 

To all my well wishers have patience,cupid is taking time to search Mr. Right for me...I understand  "Marriage Matters". But then, My marriage date is important to me than you  so don't worry much about it.

P.S: Stop annoying people asking stupid questions, you never know what the other person problems are, the reasons behind and moreover everything can't be explained to you

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What it takes to achieve your goals?

Well, every one of us frame  goals in a limited time and we strive to  accomplish them in the upcoming months or years. But in the flow of our busy life schedules (be it domestic or work related) we tend to neglect them and as we move closer to our goals, we are left with disappointment or might have achieved less than what we expected?

That is when, our disappointment in life starts. Many times we hear people saying "hey it’s been 1 year, I have not seen any progress in my career/life or I have not achieved anything remarkable this year".

So now the question is "What we have to do to accomplish our goals?" I would like to list out some points from my own experience, may be you might be aware of these

1. Prioritize: How much ever busy may be your life, always remember what is your goal and things you have to pursue in achieving it. Prioritize the things and focus.

2. Determination: Never allow your determination to fall as time pass, keep the fires ON till you achieve.

3. Believe in yourself: Never doubt your abilities in the process, you always fall if you doubt yourself, be confident and move on towards the goals

4. Take responsibility: Never blame others/situations for your failures, either good or bad take responsibility for everything that happens in the process.

5. Keep your goals small:
Don’t try to have targets bigger than you abilities. Keep manageable goals and achieve big goals in course of time.

6. Stay away from people who say you can’t: always it’s good to be surrounded by people who appreciate your progress rather who distract you from achieving your goals.

7. Value your time: Never waste time in unwanted things.

8. Be independent: Never be dependent on anyone to help you, dependency leads to disappointment. Learn to be independent.

9. Stay Fit: Never neglect your health, health is wealth, without that all your efforts go waste. So never compromise, Eat well and sleep well.

10. Family, Friends & Hobbies: Spend good time with family & friends, it boosts your confidence. Have a hobby, it always keeps you happy from inside and breaks the monotonous routine.
Go ahead and grab yours goals !!!

 P.S: Well this is a different post from all that i posted till today, I hope you appreciate.
P.S.S: You may feel the above content is similar to what you might have read either in books or on internet, but i acknowledge it is purely written by me during my introspection last night.