Thursday, September 12, 2013

"U Turn"

Just wondering how many times we might have run behind something which we think is everything. Definitely many of us many times, aren’t we? There are many things in life, somehow we want them, but we can’t have them. In many things you have alternative, but the things won’t make you feel the same, definitely they could make you feel better but not “SAME”. Alternatives are sometimes more practical, but they never satisfy your carving and never make you feel the same...

Sometimes you meet someone and you know it is not going to be a perfect relation; You opt for a course and realize it is wrong decision, you get into a job which is not perfect to you, at times you dress imperfect etc... There could be many things which are incompatible to you. But for some odd reason you want to give it a try for hell of it. Most of us make mistakes by choosing wrong choices. After reaching certain point we question ourselves “Where am I going??” “Why is this happening?”.We feel guilty, broken and lost. Remember whatever happens life has to move on…

We are not perfect and we make mistakes along the way. But when you understand by taking "U"Turn, you can always be on the right track and move in the right direction, however many mistakes and setbacks you may encounter on the way treat them as lessons which make you stronger than yesterday. And remember; don’t just look forward to reaching the destination. Enjoy the journey too.

Happiness is not about having what you want but wanting what you have.

You are born to be real, not perfect!! Look beyond the Imperfections and enjoy the life..

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Make no one wait...

Many of us work really hard, stretch working hours. We all want to value our job more than anything in life. Career, money, status. In process we miss out many things like family, friends & many more things.

I too belong to that group of people who always say “I have no leaves” If I have to attend some weddings or some function at home.

My sister had a medical problem where she was at home under medication, I used to visit home every month and stay for a week. My sister always wanted me to take a break for few months and be with her at home. I always said, “Oh!!that is not possible, I may fall back in this competitive world. That discussion went on for 1 year, finally I won. I continued my job and kept visiting home bimonthly.

Later my sister became bed ridden and I was there with her but unless watching her suffering I could not do anything.

And today she is no more with us, even if I think of spending time with her I could not.

I wish, If I have taken break and spent time with my sister, at least I would have had some memorable moments with her and today I may not have this regret in my heart.

Don't make people wait, because they can wait for you.

You never know you may not have people when you really want to be with them..

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Slums - Through the lens

Improper sanitation
 poor quality of drinking water
unlivable housing
Unhygenic living conditions
poor economic status
 gender inequality
domestic violence, 
child labour, crimes 

All these prevail in the slums of any city .Slums in urban India symbolise both hope and despair

Nearly one in every six urban Indian residents lives in a slum, newly released Census data shows. Roughly 1.37 crore households, or 17.4% of urban Indian households lived in a slum in 2011.38 % of the slum households are in 46 Million Plus Cities. 45% of the slum households live in one room.

Many schemes/programs, crores of rupees is being spent in improving and arresting the future growth of slums, but still slums remain as slums.

Many authorities assume/think there is no solution and it is never easy to arrest slums hence they ignore slums.

So?? Are we purposefully ignoring the problem???
 Here I present few Random clicks in slums

Kids help their mom to fill water

Post-lunch chit chat

Little girl putting all her energy to fill the bucket

Just posing for picture

A housewife washing clothes on the road

An old man  in a dilapidated house

A ray hope-will any scheme change my fate?

Lady making bangles

No photographs please- A lady washing clothes in front of house

Jardosi work

A puzzled old man, cooking his food

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Haircut Psychology of Girls

When you find some girl suddenly cut her hair to shoulder length/short bob, remember it may not be to get a beautiful new look but to subside her inside voices. Sometimes it’s the change to break out her mood and to cope up with tough times in her life. It may not be fair to generalize the situation, but being a girl I have strong gut to believe in it.

If you don’t believe, then read further..

“HAIR” is the most favourite feature of woman (off course the male gender too love women with long hair) which shows her femininity and enhances her beauty.
 It is one of the physical feature which links to female emotions.. that is why many times you hear about bad hair day stories..

Hair represents femininity and beauty, it is praised as a sexual, sensual, beautiful thing by men.

And now why girls cut their hair to balance the inner war??

It signifies the new start and a sign of moving on, new hairstyle fill women heart with feelings of fresh start.

It changes the feelings from inside; sad soul is lightened up with new appearance and heals the torn heart.

It demonstrates that she is beautiful even while in pain

It throws an option “you are no more in my life and I am getting rid of the thing you love”

Boosts confidence and helps to accept “change may not be all that bad after all”

It is sign of boldness and emotional kick to men

It shows the world that you changed your life and feels liberating

So when you find your wife/sister/friend/ GF doing this, make a point to talk to them. It is sign that something is really bothering them.

Don't ignore it. If you do,Its not just her hair you lose...

P.S: Google too helped me in writing  and getting a picture for this post

Friday, March 22, 2013

You can't be afraid to love them

As I watch the five year old kid, my heart goes for him. I admire his innocence, the little hands that paint, tiny lips that pray. The joy that he shares with his friends, the care he takes of the younger ones. The only worry he has is how to win the bicycle race with his friend. He does not know the dark shades behind his sweet smile. 

He often questions himself that why he can’t be with his parents just like any other kid? Why he can’t be healthy like any other kids in school. Why always I & my friends fall sick often? 

That little brain doesn't understand that they have HIV Virus in them. It affects the immune system and body is prone to diseases.

Yes these are the questions in minds of many kids at Shanthi Ashram at Hyderabad . It is home for HIV positive kids, who acquired the infection during pregnancy, birth and breast feeding from the infected mothers. After birth the child is left or handed over to hospitals. The home provides health care, education to the kids for making kids independent.

It is a challenge for the organizers to take care of these kids and to give normal living style to them. The home faces many challenges to deal with the people nearby. 

The kids have no role to play in getting the disease, but they have to live with it. They have to face many hardships from the community which neglects them. 

I believe people with humanity and love respect such kids and helps them to lead normal life in schools etc. and will never make them feel that they are rejected kids. Apart from this, all of us has to strive to  integrate HIV positive girls and boys into mainstream society & allow them to lead normal life.

Today I take pledge that I would treat all of them equal with respect, love and affection. I would never create or be  a reason for any mental trauma to them.

Help them to lead normal life and bring them out of suicidal and depression. After all they have right to live.

You can visit  them @

This entry is   for  ISB iDiya for IndiChange in collaboration with ISB -

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Friday, February 22, 2013

RIP Humanity

Twin bomb blasts on Thursday in Hyderabad left people in fear cloud. 15 people have lost their lives and 119 are injured. The victims are innocent common people from different classes and religions who wish to reach home safely. But the day ended in a gloomy way for them. Loss of innocent lives is tragic no matter why it happened and who did it? 

Let the reason may be terrorism or political conflict, the common man who is innocent is paying for the ill state of being. The act is done by heartless Humans. The bomb blasts were carried out by inferior cowards, and it doesn't matter if they are Hindu or Muslim, that was an act of cowardliness. Currently we are killing ourselves slowly, are we at brink of extinction of our human existence

We people talk about peace and harmony, whenever an incident like this happens, do a peace march, share the status,show anguish, write blogs, bitch government. Later after few days nobody cares for anybody. 

After every blast the government becomes emotional and every party blames the ruling party for the distress happened. All party leaders visit the victims; show their sympathy as part of their vote bank politics. People start blaming each religion and pick up indifferences. 

Politicians are busy in propagating their party and guarding their seats, media in flashing headlines to increase their fame.  In the dead there is a day wage labour who earns bread and butter for family, a mother, senior citizen and an aspiring student. What can compensate as substitute to their family? No value for life.

Politics & religion aside, we people must realize that we the innocent civilians on both sides of the conflict are dying. Focusing on the human rights, moral values are the need of the hour. We have to work towards positive solutions for humanitarian crisis. Humans should stop killing each other. No religion on earth teaches violence, and nobody is an enemy of any body. 

You cowards  responsible for this inhuman act, might have won in your  beliefs, but you are dead as a human being. No more to belong to this race.

Remember not all Muslims are culprits and not all Hindus are innocents.

“Be a Human being” & Live and Let Live “Humans” 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Never heard of a respectable woman being raped !,.?

"He never heard of a "respectable woman being raped in the country" 

‘I have not seen a single incident or example of rape with a respected lady. Even an underworld don would not like to touch a girl with respect.' 
-- Manohar Lal Sharma

It is unfair on the lawyer's part to make such generic statements. Then why a 7 year old girl in Goa was raped in school? Why a 4 year old girl was raped by bus conductor in school in Mumbai?? I am not talking about old cases these are the cases just happened after the Delhi rape case. Were they dressed pro-actively Or were they flaunting their curves? Were they Sexy not cute? Mr. Lawyer you have failed here with your logic. Bring justice and let the criminal be punished. 

Okay now, I want to know, how you define ‘Respectable Woman’. If you think a girl covered her skin completely is a respectable woman, tell me at what age and how much a girl should cover? 

Daughters, a matter of pride, but now every parent is worried and scared to a girl child. Anything anywhere can happen to them, girls are no safer anywhere that is the hard truth of the present society. 

Seriously people, where are we heading as a society? A Society with no human values?? We remain as the spectators of brutal acts and living our lives in fear and uncertainty.

Strict laws and severe punishment is what brings change in these brutes whose eyes are covered with lust. I hope government makes effort to bring out a good system to punish these animals.