Well, I am not a professional artist, but I like to draw. It gives me relaxation & makes me feel good ... Have a look at few sketches made by me.

A Sketch  from a portrait book

was just checking the pencil nibs..

Was very irritated with hectic day, drawn from a portrait book
More to add..


  1. U never showed these sketches earlier? Good work!

  2. Very nice! It's a great idea to have a collection of your artwork here :)

  3. Please don't draw my picture ;) - Murali - NCPE

  4. WoW !!! I'm tempted to ask you whether why you are not a professional artist. They are just awesome. Where are the other ones??? What about the last line which you have written at the end of the post? :)
    If i'm not wrong you are a moody person ! :) .... You know it is a sin to stop such beautiful talent of yours.

    1. Hey thank you for your compliment :) i am not a professional artist, i am self taught artist.. ya i am planning to start sketching again ..thanks for motivation :)


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