Wednesday, April 20, 2011


AWWWW !! I am getting late to college/school, I got up late, have meeting at 9.30/my cab has come/my colleague is waiting/ 1 hr left for my bus/train/flight/honking on jammed road…

Areyyyy!!! This is our life, after crawling out from the bed we just are on race

Whole world is busy... Isn’t? Definitely every one has their own plans in life and they struggle to make their dreams come true or for the survival. I am not less; even I am a part of this busy world. But still, I try to live my life to fullest...

This morning, when I was thinking, we all miss so many little things in our life. These may not mean anything but definitely elate our conscious and bring smile on our face. Some time these pretty things give u a feeling of winning. So I made my list of awesome things in my  life.

  • Wet soil smell after rain
  • A hot sip of coffee on a nippy morning.
  • Driving on a calm road when it is drizzling
  • Waking up early in the morning and realizing u still have time to sleep: P
  • Watching sunrise in sound of silence
  • Stretching your body while getting down from the bed   
  • Waking up from an AMAZING dream, then trying to fall back asleep so you can continue the dream
  • Feel you get after reaching fifth floor without using lift
  • Your favorite food cooked by mom when u r hungry
  • Finding money in your pocket when u r penniless
  • Laughing at something for which u cried a lot in past
  • Reaching destination without being stopped by any traffic signal
  • Chilled drink when u r thirsty.
  • A hand written letter
  • A soft pillow and a clean bed when you are tired
  • Gel pens, Chocolates, brownies, color pencils, color sheets
  • Making perfect round dosa: P ;)
  • Joy of rolling on bundle of dried clothes, after bringing them inside.
  • Seeing a mail from a unexpected buddy
  • Giving Surprises
  • Unexpected Arrival of a loved one
  • A warm hug from a person whom you missed a lot. 
  • Having ice cream in odd time
  • Window shopping: D 
  • When deadline is extended unexpectedly 
  • The way u blush when ur GF/BF sweeps you off from head to toe
  • Biking on highway in the dead of the night
There could be many more but this is all in my mind at this moment.



  1. amazingly true, awesome , interesting , maddening, and above all a splendid treat... :)

  2. @rachit: Thanks a lot , u hv praised my post so much. :)


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