Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Love

She is strong enough to endure childbirth
She held you in her arms when you came in to this world.
She fed you, taught walking, dressed you, cooked meal for you
She is always there for us to listen to our woes, our frustrations
She gives strength to us  in difficult situations 
She soothes our biggest disappointments 
She worries to see us  in pain & sickness. 
She loves  despite of our flaws 
She has strength to take all the weight of the family 
Her love is strong and forever which never changes for any reason…

On this eve of Mother’s day I want to honour and thank my mother…

Mom you are the Special Angel in my life, who helped me in all walks of my life, gave strength to face the world and to with stand tough times, taught me living..

Thanks for bringing me into this beautiful world and showering loads of love on me and for making me to succeed in my life. You are the reason for whatever I am today.

Love you Loads Amma..


  1. have you listened the iconic mother song from the hindi movie Dasvidaniya, its title as MA, meri maa , muumma.. ; a great song indeed and equally a great post .:)

  2. hey i stumbled upon your blog when i google mother's love and the photo turned up in the images...i loved your post and wanted to know if you have drawn this mother son sketch yourself...if yes..can I pls use it in my blog(i m planning to write a blog on mother's love soon)...btw i am chandramouli from NITK mangalore

  3. hello chandu, thanks for visiting my blog and for ur appreciation.

    I have not drawn tht pic, it was result of google image search.
    Nice meeting u.. Gud luck

  4. nice one.... and true words......really image is gud....feeling is there in that image...tx for uploading....god bless u.....

  5. first of awesome choice of Pic and second great wordings it contained with . gold bless you dear :)

  6. Thanks for reading and for your kind words.


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