Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today, 10 reasons to feel happy about :-)

  1. Well Yesterday night I have slept very late, but I got up very early .
  2. Done some art work in the morning (still incomplete.. but felt very nice)
  3. Have been to a temple in the morning ( love that feeling..)
  4. My cooking skills have improved a lot
  5. I am able to drive in Heavy traffic (La la laaaa .. that's awesome isn't)
  6. First time in my life, I have been to a  movie night show with friends :P not to be revealed at home  ;)
  7. Got appreciations from Boss
  8. Nice weather in Hyderabad.
  9. Excelling in MS Excel :P
  10. Finally, I am healthy, strong and blessed to be alive today.. Thank You God :)
            Love & Light!!


    I love your comments, so please go ahead they make me Happy!!!