Saturday, February 18, 2012

“DEMOCRACY” a disguised boon!

Democracy is “Government of, by and for the PEOPLE”. -Abraham Lincoln

Being an Indian I am proud to hear and read that India is largest democratic country in the world and which is stable in ruling since its independence. It’s fantastic to hear when someone praises your country, but do you accept all the praising with heart? I say “No”, because I know the flaws in the system and what actually happened to the full concept of Democracy in India.

Democracy is a "government of, by and for the people". But now the whole concept is changed it is "government of, by and for the politicians". Be it any party they belong. The entire set of parties and politicians have become selfish and corrupt, they work for their grand grand children rather for the country. Every damn politician enters in to his chair, thinking he should bag best ROI (Returns on investment). Entire his term he/she focuses on his/her targets, so when they think of helping the country?

All the politicians are busy in cursing and trying to search flaws in the opponent parties, so as they can be the ruling party in next elections too. When this is situation of our so called leaders, where the country is heading??? What is the use of democracy when people have no choice and never their voices are heard?

Just like any other system, Democracy is also a two way, we the people, elect one party and not satisfied elects another in next term of elections. We change parties which never solves the problems. Frustrated youth, never votes. I question, has ever India recorded at least 80% of voting? If voting is not genuine how are we going to select the good leaders?

We all are looking for change in our political system and parties. As Gandhi ji said “be the change you want to see in the world”. Change your thought process, eradicate all the flaws, stop encouraging bribes, be it a clerk to an officer, question when something goes wrong. Come out of the slavery mind set. After all, being in world largest democratic country, we have right to speech. Raise your voice and fight for your opinions.

People it’s all in our hand, keep check on government ,its operations, its funds, don’t think its government money, it is all our money we pay taxes in many forms, beggar to billionaire pays taxes and have right to question the government.
Along with the people, media is the most important tool to bring change in the system; media should stop confusing people, and helping the corrupted politicians, instead throw light on the real problems of the India like unemployment, poverty, illiteracy. Demand for the enactment of old laws framed in 19th centuries, strict enforcement of laws.

Generations passed waiting for the change and now stop looking, start questioning, utilize your right to information. Do you own part and bring change in your surroundings. Don’t think “Why me?” think it’s only “you”

At any given point of time democracy is a boon reveal its disguise and enjoy the fruits

Let’s elect the leaders not the dictators...Lets stand together and fight against the evils of society 
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  1. A refreshing read.... If only we elected our leaders well!

    1. well i hope someday we hv real leaders

  2. Provided a good morning breakfast read. Adding the blog to my "mrning-read' list. Fresh take on the issue, loved it!:)

    1. Thanks for reading & for your kind words.. :)

  3. Hope they are listening to you :)

  4. This is a really great post.

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