Saturday, October 31, 2015

'C' for Change

This is not a motivational post but these are words which run in my mind and remind me consciously every day. Life always moves faster than what we expect and it teaches us by giving different situations to deal with and to learn. Sometimes I think I am not living my life the way it has to be. So what is my life filled up with? Confusions sleep deprivation, work deadlines, office politics, pay-cheques, telephone calls, broken souls, maid problems, and stress/jealousy by social media, obesity, and acne and so on. 

A week ago I have celebrated my birthday and since then I feel I am stuck in life and no progress is made in my life on personal and professional front. Then I decided to do some kind of introspection.

We all need change in life, which brings progress to life. When we are young, we feel our life is not monotonous and it changes fast and we see progress, but as the years pass, we think there is no much change in our lives. Why it feels so? This is not because there is no change it is because we resist change. So why do we resist change? We do because we have to make choices and we have fear of taking chances. If we are living in a comfort zone, it is pretty hard to move out of it and this impacts the acceptance of change. 

The strings attached with comfort zone are dangerous for anyone who want to progress in life. In my case, I am pretty much depend on my salary, when I think of leaving job and doing something interesting in life, I have fear of losing this financial comfort. Unless I take risk of coming out, I can never do something which I love to do. 

Change always creates ripple effect in life and it further more alarms the risks involved. But we should keep in mind that resistance is the first step toward any good.

 Don’t wish for it, create it. Understand the resistance, accept the change. 

Don’t let the “change”, change you…


  1. Isn't it difficult to not let the "change" change you.... ripples are almost inevitable, however tiny the change might be..

  2. Hi, thanks for reading and being first to comment on my post.
    I meant.. let not the 'change' change you in negative way.

  3. B'ful post, Bharathi and an epic quote to end it with! Change is inevitable but drive it in your favor... :)

  4. There is a lot of thought put into it Bharati.

    The problem with life is we take it too seriously when its not meant to. We keep holding our desires back for fulfilment of our practical needs and then time flies away.

    You will always have the time to pursue what you want. The question is do you want to??

    1. you have hit on right point, we wait for things to happen instead of working to make them happen.


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