Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What it takes to achieve your goals?

Well, every one of us frame  goals in a limited time and we strive to  accomplish them in the upcoming months or years. But in the flow of our busy life schedules (be it domestic or work related) we tend to neglect them and as we move closer to our goals, we are left with disappointment or might have achieved less than what we expected?

That is when, our disappointment in life starts. Many times we hear people saying "hey it’s been 1 year, I have not seen any progress in my career/life or I have not achieved anything remarkable this year".

So now the question is "What we have to do to accomplish our goals?" I would like to list out some points from my own experience, may be you might be aware of these

1. Prioritize: How much ever busy may be your life, always remember what is your goal and things you have to pursue in achieving it. Prioritize the things and focus.

2. Determination: Never allow your determination to fall as time pass, keep the fires ON till you achieve.

3. Believe in yourself: Never doubt your abilities in the process, you always fall if you doubt yourself, be confident and move on towards the goals

4. Take responsibility: Never blame others/situations for your failures, either good or bad take responsibility for everything that happens in the process.

5. Keep your goals small:
Don’t try to have targets bigger than you abilities. Keep manageable goals and achieve big goals in course of time.

6. Stay away from people who say you can’t: always it’s good to be surrounded by people who appreciate your progress rather who distract you from achieving your goals.

7. Value your time: Never waste time in unwanted things.

8. Be independent: Never be dependent on anyone to help you, dependency leads to disappointment. Learn to be independent.

9. Stay Fit: Never neglect your health, health is wealth, without that all your efforts go waste. So never compromise, Eat well and sleep well.

10. Family, Friends & Hobbies: Spend good time with family & friends, it boosts your confidence. Have a hobby, it always keeps you happy from inside and breaks the monotonous routine.
Go ahead and grab yours goals !!!

 P.S: Well this is a different post from all that i posted till today, I hope you appreciate.
P.S.S: You may feel the above content is similar to what you might have read either in books or on internet, but i acknowledge it is purely written by me during my introspection last night.


  1. And i feel, one shld be aware of wht their goal is and write it down and also read tht daily to achieve it :)

  2. Hmmm..if only I was determined enough t practice it all. I am sure it works!!
    Great post!

    1. thank you... well most of us lack in determination ...


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