Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Strange Journey

I was travelling to my home town on December 31st. When Clock clicked twelve and the calendar changed to January –its New Year, everyone in the bus started calling their families, friends and wishing a "Happy New Year". Suddenly someone wished me “Happy New Year” I looked at him, he was a guy in ripped jeans, messy hair like a bird’s nest and with a huge yellow  headphones. Talking to stranger was never easy for me but wishing him back was the only option I had and I choose it. He started a conversation with me enquiring details. I politely refused to share and closed my eyes and got lost in my thoughts. I was restless with mixed emotions as a guy is coming to see me in the morning.

Next day, as usual practice I got ready and was waiting for the guy and his family. They arrived and are talking to my parents in the hall. My mother asked my aunt to bring me. With huge butterflies in stomach I walked in to hall and sat before the guy. To my surprise it was that ripped jeans guy with a nest on his head. I have widened my eyes and starred at him without any second thought,  he was neatly shaved with a decent haircut, with a formal dressing . I recollected his face; yes he is the same person. I smiled at him and said "hello" and that’s when it all started…

No one falls in love by choice, it is by chance, January 1st is the day I have met him for first time and I had no idea that He is the one for me. The past few months with him has been absolutely great and I started believing in destiny.

Every day we come across many strangers, some come as blessings and some as lessons, few stay and be few chapters of life and few become part of your life in my strange journey the stranger became "love of My life"

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