Friday, January 2, 2015

January Beginnings

The year 2014 is just done and it was learning year for me. Though I didn't make much of progress on personal and professional front but I learnt life’s best lessons , became stronger than before and much more organized in doing things. It was a year with 50-50 % of Ups & Downs.

I lost a friend and moved out from few friends. Got a good hike in salary, changed more than half of my wardrobe, couple of shoes added to the rack, I am back to my love (i.e sketching), started reading loads of books, pampering self more, connected to new people in my professional network, learning a new language and important thing is I discovered my passion for cooking and improved it a lot :)

I must say, it is not a bad year !!

We just rushed in to New Year and here comes January- a month for setting goals, making resolutions, new beginnings. I am wondering what 2015 has stored in for me and I am all excited for that. Instead, naming resolutions I like to pick few things to work on throughout the year. Now I'm ready for a new set of challenges . Here go my challenges 
  • Get rid of negativity
  • Come out of comfort zone and to take a risk
  • Be punctual- a key to success
  • Make time for exercise and stay fit
  • Take care of health and eat more of fresh fruits and veggies
  • Pray more
  • Learn baking
  • Overcome a fear 
  • Importantly just be awesome because it’s a time to reflect on the changes I want to make.
Here ends my post with "Cheers to a New Year and for another 365 chances".

Wishing you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year ..

Do share your thoughts/resolutions/challenges..

Rock the world with love and peace



  1. Very nice post. Some very honest promise being made. It's all about being more mature and becoming a better person every year.

  2. This made a good read. Hope you accomplish it, Whats with praying more??

  3. Thank you. I believe praying brings hope and peace :)


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